Google Nexus One Videos: Concept, Display, Testing, Manufacturing, Day One

Google’s phone, Nexus One (costs $174.15 to produce), has been out for over a month now but it didn’t really sell as well as expected during it’s first month on the market. Now Google has released 5 promotional videos on the Nexus One Google phone.

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I don’t consider these videos to be advertisements as such but they are still a bit more than simple “behind the scenes”-videos, surely Google didn’t create them just for us to get an insight into how mobile phones are made, but they also want to create more buzz around their own phone 🙂 (and it’s working for them… I mean, I’m posting all five videos right here just to show them to you, right?).

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 1: Concept & Design

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 2: Display & 3D Framework

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 3: Testing

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 4: Manufacturing

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 5: Day One

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