Free phone calls – computer to phone? Yes!

In this day and age, financial crisis and all, not everybody has the luxury to not think twice when spending money, one might as well try to save a few bucks here and there and try to cut down on unnecessary expenses. One such thing you can cut down on, and save a little bit of that hard-earned money of yours, is phone calls.

There’s a new service in town that allows you to use your computer to make phone calls to phones – and the real kicker is, it’s free to use!

Evaphone lite is the name you need to remember if you want free calls, free international calls and/or free voip.

It’s free because of advertisers, so you “pay” by listening to ads sometimes. The more people who use Evaphone lite, the more destinations they are able to offer free calls to, and the longer the free calls can be.

However, it matters what operator you want to call and in which countries. Some operators in some countries will only give you around 30 seconds worth of free calling, so then you have to be having a quick conversation.

For example, if I’m too lazy go to and knock on his door and I want to phone up my neighbor instead, I can do a search on “Malta” and it will tell me that the “destination is not available today, try again later”, which is unfortunate – guess I’ll have to go and knock on his door then. However, if my neighbor was living in Canada (wait, that means I would have to be living in Canada too, yay!) I could make a free call worth 12 seconds, not a whole lot, but at least it’s free.

The thing is, like mentioned above, the more people who use it, the more free minutes they are able to offer every day – since it’s all driven by advertisers. At the time of writing this article, it’s entirely possible that the countries I checked were all used up for the day (due to timezone difference), so I’ll check later and update this article accordingly if more minutes are available to me.

Update (the day after): Today, if making a call to a landline in Malta, I’m offered 1 minute and 43 seconds for free. If made to a mobile phone in Malta, I can only get 18 seconds. So it varies from day to day and whether or not you want to call a landline or mobile.