Things to do before sending a Mac for Repair 

Do you think that there is a problem with your Apple Mac and you want to send it for repair? Well it is a great thing to do before it actually starts showing problem- however, there are a few things you should do before sending your Mac for repair. Backup everything essential Before you send … Read more →

A Guide on Choosing the Best iPhone Repair Specialist

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Mythbuster: Water Damaged Smartphone Myths Debunked

Search on the web and you’ll see a lot of guides on how to save smartphones from water damage. While some are truly helpful, we have been encountering some of the silliest solutions ever. Here in this article, we’ve gathered all of these myths online and explain the truth behind each one. Make sure to … Read more →

Does Your Phone Need Repair? Here Are the 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Smartphones

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Looking for Reliable Business Computer Repair? Here’s Why You Should Go for Managed IT Support

Modern business has gone fully digital. With advanced computer technologies, most companies are now leveraging IT systems to help streamline their operations. These systems help optimize operations for more productivity, less wastage and better utilization of human resources. If you are looking to cut costs in your operations, using an IT system helps you achieve … Read more →

Most Common Cell Phone Repairs

You may think that you have more problems with your cell phone than anyone else; however, several people have to have repairs done to their cellphones. Of course, no one wants to go without their cell phone for very long, so it is best to work with the same technician that understands the importance of … Read more →

Busted your iPhone screen – now what?

The first iPhone came out in 2007 and one of the most revolutionizing things about it was its big 3.5” touchscreen. Not long after that, most other mobile phone manufacturers started producing similar touchscreen devices, also with big screens. Now, such devices are all over the world, especially iPhones and Android-based smartphones. With so many … Read more →