Busted your iPhone screen – now what?

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The first iPhone came out in 2007 and one of the most revolutionizing things about it was its big 3.5” touchscreen. Not long after that, most other mobile phone manufacturers started producing similar touchscreen devices, also with big screens.

Now, such devices are all over the world, especially iPhones and Android-based smartphones. With so many big screens out in the world, on all our smartphones, I think it’s safe to say that almost all of us knows at least one person who has been in need of [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]iPhone screen repair[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]iPhone screen repair[/tp] after having cracked it, for example by dropping it on a hard floor if he/she missed the pocket before letting go.

There’s also another situation that can result in a cracked screen, it’s a real Homer Simpson “D’OH” moment, which is when you have your phone in your pocket – screen facing out – and you walk into something, especially table corners. Crack!

While battery replacements are not really that expensive and can be done quite fast, screen repairs are bit more costly., if you’re an iPhone 5 user that is. At [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]The Fone Shop UK[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]The Fone Shop UK[/tp] you can have an iPhone 5 screen replaced for £250 and only £69 if you’re an iPhone 4/4S user. The reason for the big price difference between 4/4S and 5 is not just because the 5’s screen is slightly bigger (4” vs 3.5”), it’s because on iPhone 5 the external touch screen-part and the internal LCD screen-part is now one unit and cannot be replaced individually like with 4/4S, simply making it more expensive to have such repairs done.

Still, a screen repair at £250 would be a good option for most people rather than buying a new iPhone at £529.

The cheapest investment into keeping your smartphone safe, is a case. The best protection is what you’ll be getting from a case that covers both the front and the rear, but in my opinion, a case that covers the front of your smartphone is a bit annoying since you need to open/remove it each time you need to use your smartphone, or simply view the display. Personally, I’ve used cases that only covered the rear on most of my iPhones and I’ve been an iPhone user since 2007 – never had a cracked screen. Like mentioned above, most people probably know one that had their smartphone screen cracked, and I do know a few who cracked their screen after dropping it – luckily nothing has ever happened to my iPhones the few times I’ve dropped one.

I hope to keep it that way.

4 thoughts on “Busted your iPhone screen – now what?”

  1. Hey Klaus,

    You’re certainly right, precaution is better than cure. One can simply use cover for their smartphones as repairing cost is too much.

  2. Honestly, unless its an otterbox you may as well not have a case. There the only cases that I’ve seen to actually offer good protection. They may add a little bulk. A bulky smartphone is nicer than a shattered one, in my opinion.

  3. Wow….i really don’t know anyone with a busted iPhone screen. It certainly would take alot of impact for that to happen.

    A great way to protect your smartphone screen is to use anti-scratch protection. They are fantastic.

  4. One of my friends has that kind of problem. As of now, the screen of his iphone is still broken. Fortunately, he won a mobile phone on the raffle and he finally moved on from his broken Iphone.


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