Most Common Cell Phone Repairs

inside-iphone4sYou may think that you have more problems with your cell phone than anyone else; however, several people have to have repairs done to their cellphones. Of course, no one wants to go without their cell phone for very long, so it is best to work with the same technician that understands the importance of your phone and that you want it repaired as quickly as possible.

The most common repairs seen by cell phone repairmen include cracked glass often caused from dropping or accidentally bumping it into something like a table is at the top of the list. The bad news is that if the glass is cracked there is nothing you can but replace it.

Many users have issues with the home button breaking which can cause you all kinds of issues including operating your phone properly. In some cases, it could just something sticky that was spilled on the phone or even the kid’s sticky fingers. This problem can be repaired easily by using just a couple of drops of alcohol on the button and then gently tap the button. Wipe the excess and wait for around fifteen minutes before using.

If you are having issues turning your phone off or on, it may be problems with the battery or the power button. If the battery does not have a problem or does not need charged, then you will have to have the button replaced.

It may be hard to believe but water damage is also very common. You do not know how many times someone has jumped in the pool with their phone in their pocket, accidentally thrown a pair of jeans in the wash with their phone in the pocket, or their dog has actually drooled all over it. The best thing to do to try and save your phone is to place it in a bowl of rice overnight. This trick has saved many cell phones.

Are you having problems syncing? The problem here could be nothing more than the USB port is worn out. Parts do wear out and the USB port just happens to be one of the most common as it is used frequently by so many users.

When it comes to problems with your speaker or microphone you may not know exactly what the problem might be. If no one can hear you when you are speaking then it is a microphone problem, but if you cannot hear any sound then it would be the speaker. You may have broken wires, internal issues, or even broken boards. Replacement or repair of the broken parts will be necessary.

Now that you know some of the most common repairs that are needed on cellphones, you should not feel as bad if you drop your cell phone or jump in the river to grab that fish with your phone in your pocket. Repairs are often done fast so you can still enjoy staying in touch 24/7 via your cell phone. To learn more about repairs Visit

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  1. You’re right about cracked glass being an extremely common repair. People are often accidentally dropping their phones, just as you claimed.

  2. Great post, definitely good to know about common repairs! Getting a repair instead of a whole new phone can certainly save a lot of money. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Screen damage can happen so easily. Just by simply bumping against something you can have an unusable smartphone because of a cracked display. Finding a good repair shop can get you back up and running in no time.

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    Troubleshooting issues with your device include issues with taking pictures, black screen or recording videos.You can keep and restore all Android data from computer whenever the original one gets deleted or lost during the process of formatting SD card, resetting to factory data, rooting phone etc.Thank you so much for diverting our attention towards this topic…! Keep Sharing…!

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    Nice Post …!
    Mending your mobile phone will most likely cost you much less than buying a brand new one and it would be to your advantage before deciding to look at repair choices.Spilling water on a mobile phone is common and do require repair.

    Eleanor Scott

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