How Landline Texting Empowered Customer Care Centers?

Customer care is all about caring your customers and giving them best support, as and when they need it. One of the most vital operations of any customer care center is getting support request and working on that to resolve the query. Generally, the customer care centers use, online ticketing solution or they give a support number to customers. The customer needs to either raise a ticket or call on the support number to raise the issue. These traditional methods sometime frustrate customers who are already facing some malfunctions. Thus, a better approach would be to give them a convenient mode of communication such as texting. The most viable mode of communication would be “Landline Texting.”

If you are wondering, how it is helpful to a customer care center, let me share top 5 benefits of it.

Landline Texting

Before delving benefits of landline texting for support centers, let’s first define what landline texting is! The landline texting text-enables your landline number for two way communication. Once text-enabled, you can use it for sending and receiving SMS and MMS. Furthermore, it has many features which would benefit your support center. The landline texting is also known as text-to-landline, texting to landline and SMS to Landline. The service providers like Text My Main Number offers the landline texting services at an affordable monthly fee.

Key benefits of landline texting for customer care:

1. A Simplified way for raising ticket

The texting to the landline can simplify process of raising support ticket for both, customer care center and client. As we all know the ticketing solution requires technical knowledge and access to high speed internet. On the other hand, calling on support number and raising ticket can be irritating because often customer needs to interact with an IVR. Instead of all these bothering solutions, the landline texting can be used, which will follow below mentioned process for raising and resolving support tickets.

  1. A Customer will send an SMS “Support” to the customer care center. The customer can also send a text briefing the issues.
  2. The Text-to-landline solution will generate automated response to the customer about receipt of issue. On the other hand, web notification of the solution will notify support executive about the raised issue.
  3. The support executives can resolve the issue. Once it is resolved, the update SMS can be sent to the customer.

The customer and support executive can interact with each other via texting, if required.

2. Easy management

The customer doesn’t need to manage a lot of different numbers to communicate with the support center. A single support number can be used for both, calling and texting. Likewise, the customer care center will respond to clients using their public support number. They don’t need to share private mobile number(s) of their staff. All messages will come to/from the same number. The SMS to landline solution has report section, which keeps logs of all messages. These reports can be exported in the system as well. Thus, management can be easier because the number used for communication will be the landline or toll-free number of the support center.

3. Cost Effective

The landline texting solution comes with thousands of SMS balance on monthly subscription. Some packages also offer unlimited texting. Thus, the support centers can send as many messages as it needs. The landline texting packages start at 9 USD/month, which is less that a pizza. The texting will reduce the expense of telecommunication because most of the customers will send a text because it is easy and convenient. Thus, it will save a lot of money otherwise spent on calling customers.

4. Keep customers informed

The landline texting comes with many features, which can be used about keeping customers informed. For an instance, if there is a scheduled system update during which system can be down, you can use bulk messaging or Group texting feature of the texting-to-landline solution to send an SMS related to it to all your customers with a single click! As we all know SMS gets read faster than email, it will make sure that your all customers are informed about the maintenance schedule. You can use this feature to keep customers up-to-date about all system updates, holidays, next invoice date, etc. The texting to landline also has a feature called, time based texting. It means for certain dates and hours, it will send a predefined text as a response to customers. For example, if a customer sends a text for support in off working hours, the system will send a text such as, “Sorry! You have sent the support request in off office hours. The office hours are 9am to 5pm EST. Our executive will get back to you. If it is urgent please call on 1-800-xxx-xxxx”. This way the customers will stay informed.

5. Improve Productivity

The landline texting will make more than 50% of communication automated and short. Thus, the support team executives will get required time to resolve issues instead of spending time on responding calls. This will help in resolving issues at a faster rate. Furthermore, all communication will happen via the public support number of customer care center, which will bestow work life balance for your support team. This will keep them energized, which will reflect on their work as well. The features like bulk texting will save a lot of time of your employees. In a nutshell, the various features of the landline texting solution for customer care center will improve productivity of your staff.

The landline texting solution comes with many features such as ITR (Integrated Text Response), Auto Appointment Scheduling, Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to Email, Message Templates, So on and So forth. All these will help you to delight customers and staff, both. The landline texting is cheaper than telecommunication solution. This will help in increasing the profit of the business along with the customer satisfaction. The text to landline will create an image of a tech-savvy company, which will bestow many branding benefits to the customer care centers using this landline texting service for their customer support centers. In a nutshell, this SMS to Landline solution can empower the customer care center.


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