5 Tactics Every Guest Blogger Must Know

Whether you are a large corporation or an individual blogger, guest blogging is one of the most effective forms of building your brand. One of the major reasons why guest blogging is highly effective is the quality of traffic it drives to your website. You can develop high-quality, strong relationships with guest blogging that help you in various ways, including building business relationships and professional contacts, developing brand value, and acquiring link juice. It is a chance to improve interaction and your interpersonal skills.

There is no doubt that guest blogging is one of the most powerful tactics for building your brand and increase conversion rates. But, few people are misusing it just for the sake of building links by submitting low quality content to websites that accept this kind of content for various reasons thus polluting the entire web. Google stated that their webspam team will take stronger action against the sites which accept low quality content.

So, the people who are starting out on the guest blogging journey must remember that they give preference to writing a quality article and submit it on a good website. There are several things you should keep in mind while doing guest blogging. In this article, I will let you know few major tactics for writing a successful blog post.

Choosing a Site

The first step in your guest blogging journey is to choose a site you want to pitch to. While selecting a site, you should keep in mind the kind of article you want to submit. If the article is on social media, you must choose sites with good domain authority, page authority, traffic, and others in that particular niche. Your article gains more traction if you submit to a niche website as the people who are interested in reading your article will be more in number when compared with other websites.

Generating Article Ideas

Before you pick a topic to write an article for a particular website, you should do some research on the kind of articles published in that website. Firstly, check for the kind of articles that mostly get published in that website. Are they list articles or news & analysis articles or “How to” articles? Later, check for the topics they are writing on and which articles are trending. Also, check out the articles receiving high amount of social shares and on what topics they are written. This will give you can idea about what topic you must choose for writing the article.

Then, determine the type of audience they are writing for such as whether they are writing beginners or intermediate or only advanced level readers. Later, check for the topics. Are they general or specific? So, keeping all these things in mind, you have to develop an article for publishing on a particular website.

Mentioning Big Bloggers

In your article, mentioning people who are big names in that particular industry where your guest blog is about may be a huge advantage. When you mention their names, you can actually reach out to them and let them know that you have mentioned their name in your article. In this way, you can develop an association with them. They may also share your article with their followers and this could be a huge bonus for you as your article gets more exposure.

Linking Back

One of the major advantages you get from guest blogging is the backlinks to your website. The ranking of your site in search engines depends on the quality backlinks you acquire from high authority websites. So, ensure you include only relevant links in your article that link back to your website. Remember carefully that only relevant links to your website must be included and any irrelevant links will not provide any value. Instead, they provide bad reputation to you and lowers your website’s value. So, you must be extra cautious while giving hyperlinks to your website pages.

Crafting a Bio

This is one of the most important parts of guest blogging as the readers will know about you by reading this. In this section, you can usually include the link to your website, your own blog, your services or products. You can also include something about how you help your clients or your job role. It would be better if you include the links to your social media accounts as people can start following you if they like your content.

Final Thoughts

As you have known the significance of guest blogging and acquired an idea on how to start with the process, you can go ahead with approaching websites and make guest blogging work for you. You should also remember that it will take time for you to reap the benefits of guest blogging. So, don’t expect immediate results. But, remember this is worth waiting for.

Guest article written by: Savaram Ravindra was born and raised in Hyderabad, popularly known as the ‘City of Pearls’. He is presently working as a Content Contributor at Tekslate.com. His previous professional experience includes Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions. He holds a Masters degree in Nanotechnology from VIT University. He can be contacted at [email protected]. Connect with him also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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