The future of marketing: thriving in a digital world

Digitalization, full or partial, did deeply influence human lives and is extending its influence over different spheres of modern life. In pre-digital world people used to purchase things in direct manner, i.e., personal communication was vital during that time period. But today, with the use of technology the marketing, purchasing is becoming indirect without any personal communication. At the same time, technological innovation and its usage in marketing transformed marketing into an easier process. In a nutshell, marketing depending upon digitalization is useful for those who are familiar with latest trends. Worthy to mention, as far as marketing is concerned, digital world is more competitive. It is very risk in the field of marketing if we are not changing according to the technology. Those who indulge in marketing can expect many changes in the future days in the field of marketing related to digitalization.

In a close view, there are several changes happens in the field of social media from pre digital world to post digital world. In the coming world, social media will become one of the best strategies in the field of marketing. Video is an emerging tactic which included in social media for the use of marketing. One can see that videos will provide basic information about the product or services, especially by watching videos, rather than reading text. It will provide the customer with more interest for the product to be marketed. It is a tremendous way to make brand name popular in a creative and effective way. To attract more consumers, it is important to add live video streaming clips on Facebook, business websites, etc.

Content marketing is one of the best marketing trends in the business world right now. The quality of content is vital in marketing but it is not possible to increase the amount of customers only with the content. There is a need to add something with the content to attract the visitors. Voice search is an upcoming trend in the area of content marketing. With the use of voice search people can avoid typing. Typing key word consumes time; by the use of voice search the customers can search things very easily. It is also a way to promote brand. The future of marketing also includes schema markups. It helps to understand the relevance of website and only display in suitable target group.

Because of that the marketers can set up their site for better rank. The combination of schema markup and artificial intelligence is a new trend expecting to dominate the scenario of marketing in future years. Chat bots are going to become main ingredients to capture success in digital marketing success. They have the ability to grab algorithms and when chat bots play their role in marketing to deal with the customers we can notice the chat bots are dealing with FAQ’s and provide 24 hour service.

So, traditional mode of marketing is history and new trends are becoming popular. Within this scenario, future of marketing is in the hands of digitalization, ways to decrease digital divide among international citizens from world nations can accelerate the future success of marketing as a whole. The current trends in marketing, ie the usage of modern technological innovation, is enough to predict the possibility and scope of future trends like social media marketing, content marketing, etc.

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  1. Thats true that future of marketing will be digital.. as now today’s era ids the era of the digitization..


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