No More Surprises: What you can Find out with a Reverse Phone Lookup

It can be frustrating to have your phone ringing all day and not recognize the numbers. You may see numbers from other parts of the country with no identifying information. Many people begin to block calls, even when they do not know where they are coming from. When you have a phone number for a long period of time, it seems that these calls increase in number. It can be tempting to change your phone number and start fresh. A reverse phone lookup, however,  can help you find who is calling you, so you can make an informed decision.


When you being a reverse phone lookup, all you have to do is enter the phone number with area code. When the phone number is run through the system, the first thing that may show up is the name of the person calling. This may be an individual or a business. The name is not always available, as some people find ways to disguise the original caller. There are other defining factors, however, that can help you figure out how to handle the caller. You can also assume that most people you need to talk to share their name and leave messages. Callers that try to stay hidden, such as telemarketers, are usually not worth your time.


Another piece of information that is often available is the possible threat of the phone call. Even if the system cannot identify the name of the caller, it may offer an idea of what type of caller you are dealing with. It may say something like “high chance of spam”. This lets you know this is probably some useless call. It may also identify the caller as a possible telemarketer or express that it is a personal landline. The hint may even say it is a business or cell phone.  These are incredibly helpful pieces of information.

Type of Phone

The type of phone can make a big difference when you are deciding whether to block a number. If you know the call is coming from a cell phone, you can assume it is more personal or someone trying to run a scam. Landlines are often linked to businesses, yet some people do still have them in their homes. Telemarketing calls, however, are usually from land lines. You may block one number and see another number with the same area code come up immediately. A single bill collector may call from several different numbers. Unknown cell phone numbers should be approached with caution. This is usually someone’s personal phone. If you do not know the number, it is unlikely someone you need to have contact with.

A reverse phone lookup is a great tool to help you find out more about unknown callers. You may not be able to find out everything about each caller. The information you get, however, can help you make a better decision about handling the call next time it comes through. You may decide to answer, call back, or block the number.

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