Amazon to make an iPhone competitor?

Less than a year ago, Amazon released their cheap 7″ tablet, Kindle Fire, which enjoys great success.

Now, new rumors, according to Bloomberg, says that Amazon is about to make their own smartphone in order to compete with the iPhone.

According to the rumors, it is supposed to be Foxconn in China who will be producing the Amazon smartphone. Interesting, because Foxconn also produces the iPhone and Apple is a big buyer at Foxconn, so maybe Foxconn will reject making the Amazon smartphone, or Apple will force them to reject, or maybe the Foxconn-bit is what makes this rumor seem less likely to happen?

Regardless, the rumor also says that Amazon’s smartphone will run Android, like their Kindle Fire does.

Do we really need yet another Android phone on the market? Almost everybody who makes electronics these days, has an Android smartphone in their product lineup. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

7 thoughts on “Amazon to make an iPhone competitor?”

  1. All these companies think its the hardware that everyone wants. But the reason the iphone is so successful is the 30,000 developers making millions of apps.

    Didn’t microsoft try to enter the smartphone arena?

  2. It would be very interesting to see how an Amazon smartphone would be accepted by consumers. It could potentially become an Android or Blackberry, however there are so many other firms who have tried and failed to get even a foot in the smartphone market, I think it will be an uphill struggle for Amazon!

    That said they have got one of the most visited homepages on the net, providing them with great exposure – could that be what helped the Kindle sell so well?

    It will be interesting to see this story develop 🙂

  3. This is a great news for me, as I am a great fan of Amazon products. I just hope the smartphone will be innovative and not just another one in the crowd.

  4. As a consumer, competition is always good. We would get better products at competitive prices at the end of the day. I currently own an iPhone that is a couple of years old and was planning to pick an android powered phone later this year. iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best phones available in the market today and the real power of it is the wonder apps developed by the developers.

  5. If Foxconn can’t create phones for Amazon, they will start a new company in a different name and work for Amazon. Anything is possible now and practically, Amazon will make the product hit, because people always like newer technology. Though iPhone comes out with latest technology..there are always people who loves newer technology.

  6. Yes, we want amazon to release their product to compete with I phone..
    I phone screen is too small compare to other phones..soo i want amazon to release large screen product


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