High Tech Security for Everyone

In this cyber overloaded world, we sure love our technical devices. But in the expanding mobile universe, there are others lurking around that love our devices too – in fact they love them so much that they would love to snatch them away from us. Regardless if it’s a device or even your identity, we must keep our guards up at all times to protect our precious things of value. Would you be totally lost if you discovered your cell phone or iPad had been taken?

Take back the control

I am sure your answer was yes, you would be lost without your cellular product. The data stored on our mobile devices is valuable indeed so back it up on a PC. There was a time when we only had to keep a firm grip on our wallets or purses but that has expanded quite a bit. We are to the point of not only needing help guarding what we are carrying, but also what we left at home or in the office. You don’t have to worry however, because we have the means to remedy this situation. Take a look at some pretty nifty gadgets that give us some control back.

Some weapons for battle

• [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Defender security cameras[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Defender security cameras[/tp] – These weapons are already battle tested. They provide 24 hour security inside or outside anywhere you want. Defender security cameras can be purchased with night vision that can “see” up to 100 feet.

• Clippa bag hanger – An amazing alloy hoop that snaps open to become a hang-anywhere purse holder. That’s right, hang your purse on the edge of the restaurant table, on your chair, at the bar, anywhere you want that is in your field of vision.

• Kensington notebook locks – Never fear the need of lavatory relief while leaving your laptop alone again. Resembles combination locks for your bicycle and very effective.

• 3M laptop privacy screens – Awesome. Works like the traffic lights that you can’t see from the side. Set this so no one can look over your shoulder at sensitive information on your screen.

• iPad lock and security case – The same locks you see at the local cell phone store on their devices.

Just fight back

This chess game will continue on as the good guys and bad guys attempt to outwit each other. Keep your guard up and stay current on products like the ones above.

Guest article written and submitted by Amanda, a TechPatio reader – thanks!

5 thoughts on “High Tech Security for Everyone”

  1. I am definitely going to look into getting an Ipad lock. Someone stole my Ipod from a locker room once! Smartphones and devices should definitely have some security features to dissuade thiefs from stealing.

  2. I will prefer the notebook locks for sure to protect my laptop. Today, the demands for these kinds of securities are very high. Very useful article.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Security should be top priority for everyone. Now that technology allows better solutions with less money, everyone should get some of the solutions offered by this post.

  4. I know not everyone can afford not to leave their stuff unattended. I feel fortunate I don’t have to worry about this.


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