Mac OS X 10.9 already being tested online?

AppleInsider claims that during the past few weeks they had visits from at least 30 users with OS X 10.9 as operating system. The current Mac operating system is OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion”, released just a few months ago, but now it seems Apple has already started testing their next version of OS X.

Apple seems to release a new version of OS X every year, so we will probably see 10.9 in the App Store just after summer next year.

While it’s entirely possible that the browser-data can be forged and make it seem as if the user is using OS X 10.9, AppleInsider still believes that the data in this case is real and 10.9 is in fact being tested now.

10 thoughts on “Mac OS X 10.9 already being tested online?”

    • Good question. It maybe a part of their revenue growth strategy. Very easy to make more money year over year if your consumers are constantly buying new products.

  1. Every time they release an update I have less and less incentive to update. Mate’s a sound engineer still running leopard (as far as I remember) because it’s the only one that doesn’t have any serious compatibility issues.

  2. I read the article and saw the screen shot. There was a Intel 11.7 as well. That doesn’t mean its Mac OS X 11.7
    This is just a big misunderstanding.

    • Hi. The scrolling can be reversed in System Preferences, and it has been possible since day 1 when the change was first introduced.

  3. It would not surprise me if Apple is testing a new OS. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple are planning some big improvements with the release of Windows 8.

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