App Store: 2/3 of all apps are never downloaded?

In a new report from Adeven, a german analytics company, it is claimed that out of the 650,000 apps in the App Store, an amazing 400,000 of them are never downloaded by users. Those apps are “zombies”. So when Apple boasts having 650,000 apps in their App Store, it doesn’t tell the full picture.

CEO of Adeven, Christian Henschel, says that it’s due to the closed nature of Apple’s system, only very few apps are in reality found by users, the rest of them never makes it to any of the lists where they are able to be discovered by users. On top of that, he claims that the Top 25 list has a tendency to only consist of apps that belongs to companies who are able/willing to spend millions of dollars to rank high on the lists. If you’re a small independent app developer, you’re going to get a hard time ranking well.

On a positive note, Apple recently improved their App Store search algorithm, after having bought the company “Chomp” in February, a company that specializes in developing technologies to in-app searches.

4 thoughts on “App Store: 2/3 of all apps are never downloaded?”

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  2. Hi Again Klaus,

    First off – thanks for providing the supportive link to your post. And secondly – Don’t know about you, but I find it extremely astonishing – and yes, just come to show you, even with apps these days quality takes preference over quantity.

  3. The interesting thing is that even the developer don’t download their apps through App Store. This is really sad…

  4. Will this new collaboration with Chomp allow user and also developer to download those rest of the applications? What to believe the reason behind this, Apple closed nature or monetization. Actually i heard Apple gives 70% proceed to developer if developer develop application and submit it to app store then why Apple shows such sharp line with apps users.


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