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You’re a smoker and you know all about the risks and the damage this does to your body. Thanks to a relatively new invention, you can get the help you need to quit or just replace your tobacco cigarettes. I’m talking about electronic cigarettes. They were invented by a Chinese pharmacist in 2000 and ever since they have gotten better and better. These days, you can find cigarettes that look and taste just like your normal cigarettes, but they’re completely harmless. If you’re starting to be curious, read on and find out what goes inside these little devices and decide for yourself if they’re right for you.

They come in two styles: one that mimics a real cigarette and one that looks more like a high-tech pen. Both function on the same principles and have almost the same mechanism inside. There is a rechargeable battery that will allow you to keep reusing your electronic cigarette for a long time – remember when the battery dies, to recycle it! We also find a small processor that works as the brains of the cigarettes. When you inhale, the processor senses this and tells the atomizer to heat up the liquid found in the cartridge. This liquid is what makes electronic cigarettes so successful for tobacco replacement therapy – because that is where the nicotine is found. When the liquid is heated up, it instantaneously transforms into vapor that you then inhale into your lungs, thus delivering the nicotine to your system. If the thought of inhaling vapor scares you, don’t let it, it is a cool and harmless mist that has been proven to be the safest way of delivering nicotine. And the best thing about this is that you can take your electronic cigarette and puff away anywhere you want, it will not bother people around you, as it’s odorless.

Another great feature we discovered by reading up on many [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]reviews of electronic cigarettes[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]reviews of electronic cigarettes[/tp] is that the cartridges are replaceable and you can choose from many flavors and aromas: cherry, vanilla, coke, tobacco and even menthol. It’s like having dozens of cigarettes all rolled up into one that you can store in your pocket. With the addition of an LED light, your electronic cigarettes will appear to be lit every time to take a hit – just like a normal cigarette.

Go online and see what options there are out there and choose one what best suits your needs. You won’t regret investing in an electronic cigarette that will improve the quality of your life!

7 thoughts on “Accept the Help You Need – Electronic Cigarettes”

  1. Very informative article Emily! I am amazed at how technology has improved over the past decade. And this is very amazing, with lesser risks to your health. Kudos to the chinese for inventing it. They are indeed sharp thinkers and wise men. Great article Emily thanks for writing it.

  2. I’ve tried e cigarettes with not much luck but I think I just wasn’t ready to try and quit. I wish they would last longer with the charge and the cartridges. I might need to try again because this whole smoking thing is just not right. I really need to quit smoking!

  3. Hi Emily,

    Read a similar post, 2 days ago. E-cigarettes are a great and painless way to quit smoking. They are your gateway to recovery and health. Smoking is never a good habit.

    Sanjib Saha

  4. Hello, thank you for sharing this post. I think it can help people to cut down the amount they smoke. If it works as a substitute, then it would be great because people would still be smoking without getting the bad effects.

  5. I quit smoking 2 years ago by the help of nicotine patches. The initial stage of quitting was hard for me and nicotine patches helped solve my craving. From there, I gradually reduced the use of nicotine and now I no longer need nicotine anymore. Smoking is really bad for health and it’s good to have these “alternatives” to replace the evil cigarettes.

  6. I am continuously reading about smokeless cigarettes and new alternative things.
    Recently i buy zero(mg) nicotine electronic cigarette for me with acai berry flavor, it is awesome man!!


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