Compatible ink cartridges: Are they safe?

With global economy still struggling to get out of recession, saving costs is the top priority for all businesses and users. The costs of printing, specifically that of ink cartridges are going through the roof! If latest report from GIA is to be believed, by 2017 this industry is going to be $ 18.2 billion. Global economic crisis has little effect on this industry as it is growing and will be around 18 billion. On the hand the consumers are not immune from the effects of global recession, so they are looking for affordable options to save costs.

Companies like InkMan, has come up with such solutions and options for the general consumers and businesses alike. They are hoping to cater to the increasing demand of cheap ink cartridges. The option the company is giving to its consumers is that of compatible ink cartridges. InkMan give its customers choice to choose from original and compatible ink cartridges for their printers.

What are compatible ink cartridges?

A compatible ink cartridge, e.g. HP Officejet 4630 Printer Ink, is a cartridge which is completely new, made of new parts with new components by a company other than the original printer manufacturer. Compatible cartridge manufacturers usually operate and meet (and sometimes surpass) the specific specifications of the original printer manufacturer. Also, if you are buying from a trusted and dependable source, you can be sure that you will receive high quality products with a satisfactory customer service.

The only reason for the companies manufacturing them to expand and flourish is the fundamental shift which we are seeing in the consumer behavior. With cost becoming a deciding factor in today’s recession hit economy, consumers like small businesses and home users want to cut costs and this has become USP for such companies. This is one of the reasons why they are registering growth at such difficult times. The value they give to the consumers by supplying better cartridges at low cost couple with best in class service, make a win-win situation for both sides.

Although, the raw material cost of printer ink and cartridges has increased, but, increasing number of manufacturers has brought down the cost for consumers.

Are they safe?

Next Question that comes to mind is: Are these compatible cartridges safe? The answer is: if you have bought them from a reliable and trusted source, they are.

What about my printer’s warranty?

This is yet another question usually asked by consumers. Will I loose my warranty if I use compatible cartridges? The clear answer is:


Printer’s warranty is not lost just because one is using cartridges manufactured by another manufacturer.

There have been some apprehensions about the printer’s ink quality. Let me clarify by saying that if you are using the right compatible cartridge for your printer, you are safe. One thing which you may need to remember is that if you are a professional photographer then I would recommend you using the original cartridges. For all other purposes of like simple home and business printing jobs you can rely on compatible cartridges for your printer.

Author of this guest article is in printing business for last 15 years, currently working with InkMan (, an online retail store for office supplies and supplier of printer Toner cartridges. InkMan supplies original, compatible ink cartridges to the businesses and home consumes for all their printing needs.

11 thoughts on “Compatible ink cartridges: Are they safe?”

  1. Well,so many years ago I’ve used compatible ink cartridges with absolutely no problems.

    When I’ve tried them 2 years ago,I’ve been disappointed by their low quality and they also last less then original ones.
    Well,maybe I was unlucky,but with latest technology (HP has put a sort of microchip) I’ve bought only original cartridges

  2. Compatible ink cartridges are far cheaper than the originals and my personal experience also tells me that the quality of the printing is as good as the originals as well.

  3. I have 3 printers in the house so compatible ink may be a way to cut down on my costs. I have never tried them so maybe its time.

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  5. I have tried these before and found that the quality is not as good as the genuine ones unfortunately. But if quality is not really an issue then the lower price is certainly a good reason to go for them. I should mention that I have only tried them on Canon printers.

  6. I’ve been using compatible ink cartridges for quite a while now and find them an adequate replacement for OEM cartridges. I don’t know how good they would be when printing photograph quality prints as I just use my printer for printing documents. The money I save makes them well worth using though, recommend them to anyone who regularly uses their printer.

  7. I bet there are a lot of compatible cartridge out there and i’m wondering how would you know the right ink cartridge compatibility.

  8. I have tried this cartridges and it works fine with me 🙂 The original cartridges are OK but its too expensive. Thank God for China products 🙂

  9. I have been using these cartridges for more than 3 years now, I never had a problem, also never felt any compromise on quality.

  10. It is very true that buying cartridges from reputable dealer is good because after that we don’t have to worry regarding the damage of printer.

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