iPad and the rise of the online game

The iPad was released to much fanfare just a few short years ago everywhere from Canada to Australia. With so much press and consumer discussion before its launch, it was sure to be a sell out on the first day. And as always, Apple did not disappoint.

Within days of launch, the iPad had become the biggest selling tablet computer of all time and sales in the App store were going through the roof. This popularity has only increased as the size of the app store has grown. With new releases every day, it’s no wonder that people keep coming back time and time again for more of the same.

Whether you are into finding an app to help you get from a to b; need recipes and cooking tips, or want to know what the weather is going to be like wherever you are, the app store has something for you. But there’s another side that has opened up just recently to become the most popular use of the iPad.

The games available for the iPad mean that, as well as being a full tablet computer with internet access and space to store films, music and more, it’s also your own personal games arcade. Whatever kind of game you want to play, there’s something to entice you for the iPad. Want to feel the realistic experience of a fully featured online casino such as Mobile Casino Canada? It’s right there for you. Or if you want the simple and thrilling excitement of an old classic from your childhood, there’s something you’ll love.

Online games have become a big market now too. With the iPad’s integrated internet browser, you can access online casino games galore without having to download anything. It’s just so easy to get the gaming experience you want with the iPad.

5 thoughts on “iPad and the rise of the online game”

  1. Yes – I do agree, With the production of the iPad and the new features and user experience it has brought to the market in a gaming sense is absolutely phenomenal – and when looking at the current trends the future is looking very bright! The way the advance in technology has made the gaming scene one of the fastest moving areas in Technology when it comes to new releases.

  2. The only problem here is South Africa and I guess other developing nations is the cost of broadband. As prices come down that will hopefully increase the market iPad and Game makers.

  3. I think the iPad is better for online games in comparison to any smartphone, including the iPhone. It fits this activity quite nicely and I think we’ll see more people using Ipads for gaming pretty soon.

    • I totally agree, I have a samsung galaxy ace and trying to play games on it just ends up hurting my eyes. Plus the ipad has a much clearer screen.

      I have an xbox 360 and Ps3 yet more of my gaming time is spent on the iPad


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