What Qualifications Are Required for the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) Certification?

When technicians work for Cisco, the expert level certification of Cisco Certified Design Expert [tp lang=”en” only=”y”](CCDE)[/tp][tp not_in=”en”](CCDE)[/tp] is one of the highest types of certifications they can achieve. In fact, throughout the IT industry, the CCDE is consistently recognized as among the most prestigious certifications an individual can have in networking. The CCDE certification is viewed in such high esteem throughout the industry because those technicians who hold it must be able to handle the daily responsibilities of designing complex and converged IP networks.

There are not any formal requirements for the Cisco CCDE certification. However, those wanting to achieve the CCDE certification are strongly recommended to have at least seven years worth of networking experience. Additionally, the CCDA and CCDP certifications are recommended as a path to the CCDE because the CCDA and CCDP certifications and training build networking design skills. As with other Cisco certification exams, technicians wishing to take the certification exams to become a CCDE should take advantage of the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]exam preparation[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]exam preparation[/tp] offered by TestsLive.

Earning the Cisco CCDE certification requires passing both the CCDE Written Exam and the CCDE Practical Exam. The written exam must be passed before a candidate will be allowed to take the eight hour practical exam. While the written exam will test a candidate’s knowledge of concepts such as Quality of Service, management, and security, the practical exam requires candidates to actually perform a design analysis and develop a design implementation.

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