What Qualifications Are Required for the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) Certification?

When technicians work for Cisco, the expert level certification of Cisco Certified Design Expert [tp lang=”en” only=”y”](CCDE)[/tp][tp not_in=”en”](CCDE)[/tp] is one of the highest types of certifications they can achieve. In fact, throughout the IT industry, the CCDE is consistently recognized as among the most prestigious certifications an individual can have in networking. The CCDE certification is viewed … Read more →

Top 4 Self-Storage Security Tips

More and more people are turning to self-storage facilities to fulfill their storage needs. These places provide the necessary space, convenience, and most importantly, security needed to assure people that their belongings are safe and sound. But what exactly are these facilities doing to make sure that people’s belongings are actually safe? Listed below are … Read more →

150 Companies Accounts For Half Of All Internet Traffic, Says 256 Exabytes

The company Arbor Networks, in cooperation with University of Michigan, has created a report called “2009 Internet Observatory Report“. In the report, they conclude that after having studied over 256 exabytes worth of traffic (I’ll explain how much that is, in just a bit…), that half of that traffic comes from just 150 companies. Just … Read more →