Reasons Why You Should Have Your Very Own Personal Business Card

These days, it seems that more and more people are starting to deviate from the norm of having a conventional business card.  This is because of the simple fact that humans are social beings – while we have many people to interact with during business hours, we still would prefer to distance ourselves from our work during non-business hours, most especially in social situations.

How Can I Accomplish That?

The simple solution to this is by having a personal business card.  This is a card that you create in order to highlight your individuality and interests rather than the company you’re affiliated with.

A business card that is designed to suit your personality and interests will obviously be appealing and colorful, unlike conventional business cards which are oftentimes plain-looking and bland.  Also, rather than focusing on your expertise or status in a certain industry, a personal business card lets you evade titles and business trappings to expose only what you want to reveal.

So, is a personal business card a feasible option for you?  Below are some reasons why you should use one:

  • A personal business card lets you showcase what’s important to you and to the people you meet

It is actually fun and exciting to design your very own card, especially with the wide range of pretty and very colorful business card templates available these days.  There are lots of backgrounds that will cater to nearly every interest or hobby.

Because it is going to be your very own business card, you can put anything you want in it – a quote that means a lot to you or support a cause that is important to your life.

Personal business cards, even in business settings, can still manage to help you stand out, especially if you are limited to conventionally generic, company-designed business cards.

  • A personal business card lets you disguise potentially unwelcome information.

There are instances that it can cause problems for you if your company affiliation became known through your standard business card.  For instance, you might be sent out to attend an exhibit show to scout out the competition and it is a must that you remain anonymous.  Or maybe, you are currently looking for a new (or an extra) job and would like to keep your current employment a secret.  Or you may be tired of the usual intrusive questions such as “So, you’re a physical therapist, huh? I’ve had this constant problem with my leg..” or assumptions formed based on the information laid out on your card.

  • A personal business card lets people who are “not involved” in business to benefit from having one with them.

There are actually some cool benefits to creating a business card for family use.  Not only is it an exciting family activity to make a card that has amusing graphics which highlight your love, for instance, hiking and photography, but it also can be used as a clever addition to your family’s safety measure.  Family members, especially children, can pass them out to friends just in case.  It’s also wise to make sure that your children have some copies of your card with them as well.  In case they get lost, as long as they have a copy of your card along with them, they or a helpful adult can quickly locate you.

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  1. Personal business card gives the professional identity to your work which will help you to increase the value of you as well as the business which you’re doing in the marketplace.


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