3 Strategies Insurance Agents and Bloggers Use to Gain More Customers and Become Successful Online

It is a fact that the lifeblood of all businesses is the customers.  When you get more customers, you will generate more sales, which means more profits for you!  However, many companies that sell the same products and offer the same services tend to compete with each other, and so they find ways on how to reach more customers and at the same time surpass their competition.  Below are 3 strategies that insurance agents and bloggers use to gain more customers and become successful online:

1.  Establish yourself as an expert

For insurance agents:  Like many sales jobs, most people agree that the hardest thing about selling insurance is selling.  One simple way on how to establish yourself as an expert in insurance is to really know what you are selling so that you can provide comprehensive answers as well as appear reliable and trustworthy at the same time whenever a potential client makes an inquiry.  Most people who avail insurance coverage strongly believe that their insurance agents are experts in their chosen field.

For online bloggers:  One of the simplest techniques on how to become successful online is to establish yourself as an expert in a narrowly defined area of your business.  In the eyes of a potential customer, an expert is someone who is very reliable and highly knowledgeable in their field, and they usually possess an exceptional insight that can perfectly address a certain client’s needs.  Of course, you do not have to discard your current marketing campaign to establish yourself as an expert.  Simply choose a unique product you offer or a service you do very well, and from there, highlight it in your marketing campaign.  If you want to prove you are one of the best out there, you can include endorsements from other experts or testimonials from your previous satisfied customers.

2.  Find a mentor

For insurance agents:  There are many insurance agencies that are set up in a way that the company owner gets a cut of all the insurance sales that the agents below him get. Sounds unfair? Actually, it’s not.  The reason is that these company owners will not only provide you with everything you need so you no longer have to look for your own insurance carriers, but they will also become your mentor.  They will usually feed you with information regarding insurance selling mistakes that is common to new agents and most importantly, they will give you valuable advice that can truly help you on how to effectively sell insurance.

For online bloggers:  A lot of people try out their luck in online blogging in the hopes of earning money online.  However, when the results of their blogging do not yield any favorable results and they do not earn anything at all in a short period of time, they think they have failed and so they tend to stop.  As for those who seriously ventured into online blogging and have become successful, these people are the ones who are truly qualified to become a mentor for aspiring online bloggers.  You may be an expert in selling your product or service offline, but if you know nothing about blogs, getting a mentor who is a known blog expert will help you expand your business online.

3. Search for websites that help you find customers and grow your business

For insurance agents:  The main goal of an insurance agent is to sell insurance to customers who need them. However, just like any other type of product/service, insurance is offered by other rival insurance agents. One great way on how an insurance agent ensures that he will be able to get potential customers (who will most likely avail insurance coverage from him) is: to buy his own leads.  Instead of setting aside a budget for advertising their services, he could use the money to buy insurance leads.  For instance, by buying [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]commercial insurance leads[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]commercial insurance leads[/tp], he is outsourcing the method of leads generation to a reputable third-party service provider, which is a company that is more specialized, adept and dedicated to generating insurance leads (unlike him, an insurance agent, who is more specialized, adept and dedicated to generating insurance sales).  Once the insurance agent obtains leads from his trusted third-party service provider, the only thing that he has to focus on is to make sales and turn these leads into customers.

For online bloggers:  One of the most common reasons why someone becomes a blogger is because he/she would like to make money online by selling products or offering their services for a fee to potential customers. For bloggers, buying online business leads in the form of direct mail or email lists can prove to be very expensive for them, so they think of other alternatives on how to attract their customers.  One great way on how bloggers ensure that they get customers who are really willing to buy their products or avail their services is: to be visible in famous online marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Fiverr, Elance, etc.  These are considered intermediary websites – they connect two parties together: the bloggers and the customers.  Customers go to such sites when they want to buy products/services, contact the blogger who sells/offers them, and in the end, both parties come to an agreement (either by having the product delivered or getting the job done in exchange for money).

Closing Thoughts

In each and every kind of business venture, whether you are someone who sells insurance or other products/services, the permanent thing is, you will always have competitors.  However, you can have a very good chance in gaining new customers and becoming successful online if you employ the three simple strategies stated above.

4 thoughts on “3 Strategies Insurance Agents and Bloggers Use to Gain More Customers and Become Successful Online”

  1. Interesting analogy, I see this post more like the difference between an insurance agent and a blogger. It is interesting the point that both somehow follow similar interests. However, not all bloggers actually look for making money online. Some of them do it just for the fun of writing.

  2. Exactly, there is always competition and competition never sleeps. A good way to succeed is to check what top competitors doing an do it better than them.

  3. One horrendous way on how bloggers ensure to facilitate they comprehend customers who are really willing to pay money for their products or avail their services is: To be visible in famous online marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Fiverr, Elance, et cetera.


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