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by Klaus on July 25, 2012

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With the opening of the London Summer Olympics 2012 set this Friday, most international focus is now aimed towards the prestigious sporting event.  However, behind the glitz and glamour of the event, everyday life still goes on.  This is currently the campaign that BT has set so as to point out the daily achievements that people from across the UK accomplishes.

The telecom giant views technology  as “something we have in common” which helps us do our jobs better despite the busy year and that it is something we can rely on to support our efforts.

In the video made by the communications company, you get a glimpse of the everyday life of Anthony, an estate agent who also happens to be a volunteer coast guard.  In the video, you will see Anthony saying how normal his day job is until his phone rings.  He further explains that he can get calls anytime, whether he is just about to sit down for dinner or when he is just about to get into a state of deep sleep.

According to Anthony, the job can be very rewarding, particularly when you have helped someone get their child back and see the joy in the faces of the parents.  However, it can also be detrimental especially when you become the bringer of bad news – something which is a very hard thing to do, he claims.

The Everyday Lives campaign from BT shows how technology can play a very important role in helping people perform their jobs better and how it is the backbone to which how they are able to achieve such a feat.  Kindly watch the video to see what I mean.

After watching the video, it made me think also of the volunteer firefighters in our community.  Although we normally see them as ordinary citizens with ordinary occupations most of the time, when an emergency call comes in, they quickly spring into action and try to get to the scene of the fire immediately.

Due to the fact that volunteer firefighters do not really live at the station, they are on-call and must be reachable at all times.  Most of these volunteer firefighters carry a pager or cell phone with them, but this might not always be adequate enough, most especially in rural areas that typically have poor cell phone coverage.  However, with the help of BT’s technology (voice, network and radio communications), the coordination of different departments involved in the rescue operations becomes more organized as well as the time it takes to save precious lives becomes considerably faster.

Do you have any similar stories where communications and technology has played a huge role in achieving a noble and worthwhile goal, such as saving lives? Please, feel free to share it with us!

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William T. Co July 26, 2012 at 08:47

Technology has definitely made a huge impact in the world today. And I’m glad that it has also become a medium to save lives.
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Samuel August 12, 2012 at 20:02

Tech has been a life saver!! I am be happy to stay with it 4ever 🙂
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