All About Touchscreen Kiosks

Just about every ATM, self-checkout station in a supermarket, and control center in the world has something in common: touch screen technology. Touchscreen kiosks are a common part of the world today, and users are becoming more and more familiar with finding these all over the place. Almost all ATMs use a touchscreen monitor to interact with the customer. Airline terminals often have touchscreen kiosks for people to purchase tickets, or for staff members to control and operate the systems. The fact is that the more time passes, the more the world can expect to see this touchscreen technology spread like wildfire.

Why They Work

Touchscreen kiosks, such as those offered by and other manufacturers, work because they are so user-friendly. No one will have a hard time touching the screen to select what options and choices they want, nor to follow directions and navigate through a procedure when the only tool they need to use is their own fingers. With old fashioned systems, there is some room for error with keyboards and external pointers, but touchscreens cut out all the middlemen, in a way, and allow the user to interact directly with the system.

Touchscreen devices also allow the user and the owner of the kiosk to save time and work more efficiently. Data input is done directly into the computer, and the process can go much more quickly without the added use of other devices.

Finally, touchscreen kiosks allow owners to save money and space as well. You save money in not having to buy and replace parts other than those contained in the actual machine. You save space for obvious reasons: because there aren’t a whole bunch of accessories to be connected to the machine.

How To Best Implement Them

If your business has decided to add a touchscreen kiosk, then you need to make sure that you set it up in a way that is as user friendly as possible. These kiosks are going to be used by average, everyday people who don’t have much patience or time to do a lot of anything. If you’re setting them up for some sort of self-checkout process, then try to streamline that into the very bare minimum, with as few extra options and features as possible. If you are setting up the kiosk for your employees, then be sure to take time to train them in using the machine and in dealing with any problems that may arise.

3 thoughts on “All About Touchscreen Kiosks”

  1. These touchscreen kiosks are great both for the end users and for the owner. As a user they are full of useful information and easy to use. On the other hand, the owners save a significant amount of money, as they don’t have to hire a person to give the information.

  2. I guess will see these all over the place soon. They’re already starting to show up in most places. First of all they are very convenient and people can take 2-3 minutes to use one when they need to.

  3. I personally love having touch screens everywhere. They are much easier to use than the ones that have come out before where you needed a stylus of some sort. This will make some experiences much better.


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