CRM Software – Its Many Benefits for Businesses of any Size

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is described as a software technology and in general a business strategy that enables business companies, whether big or small, to easily and effectively manage their sales leads, orders, accounts and case management. The benefits of using CRM software include increased revenue from managing orders and accounts in an efficient manner, more satisfied customers and decreased costs due to less administrative tracking time as well as even better turnaround time.

For business companies to achieve the best results, they would have to proficiently train their staff and should they have their own IT departments, they must integrate CRM onto their current hardware and software technologies.

CRM software can either be licensed or hosted.  This means that a business company can either opt to buy the license for a CRM software and run it themselves, or they can lease a CRM software, and have that company be accountable for monthly maintenance and training for staff.

What benefits do I get from using CRM software if I have a large, medium, or small enterprise business?

Small Small Businesses (SSB) and Small Office, Home Office (SOHO)

Before, the smallest businesses utilized Microsoft Outlook for basic customer contact information and users shared a centralized contact list.  Now, thanks to web-based CRM software, the productivity of a small company’s sales team can still increase.  This means that more revenue can still be earned even if there are fewer salespeople present.  Due to the fact that SSBs and SOHOs have small staff sizes and service-based businesses, they have to maximize their time with a CRM software that aims to target customers to buy their products and services.  CRM software helps growing businesses by means of organizing customer data by their initial lead, to the sale and also on any ongoing follow-up service or support.  The software can also access activity reports, generate labels for mailings and even let the user to easily update customer information.

Small Business Enterprises (SBE) and Small/Medium Enterprises (SME)

Due to the fact that serving and taking good care of already existing customers is always more profitable rather than spending resources for new ones, CRM software aids small and medium-sized businesses to locate and manage potential opportunities such as phone calls, sales leads, and report generation.  CRM helps small businesses to be updated on customer needs and trends, while portraying itself like a large business that can operate 24/7.  There are CRM packages that can provide an automated, self-help program that answers customers’ questions even outside of normal business operating hours.

Large business enterprises

Rather large companies truly need CRM software that integrate sales force management, customer service management and IT management into their CRM package.  For example, customer service CRM aids large companies to keep track of extensive customer databases so that the customer service support staff can easily and quickly find accounts, track and analyze orders as well as track helpdesk tickets so customers’ questions get answered.  Generally, large companies opt to purchase a license so that they can customize their CRM software into their IT systems.

What examples of web-based CRM software do they offer?

There are many web-based CRM software you can find there.  Some examples are:

Freshdesk – an online help desk software as well as customer support software that allows you to support customers over e-mail, phone, the web or through social networking sites such as Twitter and even your company’s Facebook page.

LiveChat Chat Server – lets you provide Internet chat on your website.  Create Internet communities, gain another communication channel and arrange specialists/celebrities events.

MyB2B – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of sending and receiving electronic business documents between companies. MyB2B is a web-based software for easy EDI compliance with your customers. It improves customer service by means of making electronic purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices.

innkeyCRS – an integrated property management system that provides a complete solution to the hotel operations of any level.  It is a great CRM tool and customer service software.


CRM software is basically used as a smart move for any sized business in order for them to stay competitive. Keep in mind that CRM software is mainly employed as a clever business strategy that must support, improve and develop the customer relationship by means of giving your sales team and others in your business access to essential information so that they can perform with purpose and in the easiest and quickest approach possible.

CRM software must be used as a part of your business goal to continuously improve the relationships with your sales team and everyone else involved in your business, especially your valued customers.

3 thoughts on “CRM Software – Its Many Benefits for Businesses of any Size”

  1. Taking care and managing efficiently the customers is one of the key areas of any business, therefore we really have to emphasize on this strategic aspect. A software is really good, especially when we don’t have enough time or experience in the field.

  2. Because of its many benefits, CRM is a must for businesses of any size. Makes it easier for employees to do do their jobs and beneficial for employers. Great software!

  3. Hi Klaus ,

    YEs – I do agree – CRM software is not just a good investment for big corporates and Businesses – but also to the small to medium sized Business passionate about Client Service , PR and productivity. A Well designed and suited CRM software can be one of the best decisions you or your corporate heads can make in today’s fast paste life.


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