Microsoft FAILs its “Surface” presentation [video]

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division, didn’t have an easy day at the office yesterday when Microsoft announced (and showed off) their new tablet, Microsoft Surface. In fact, he probably lived every tech presenters nightmare right there on the stage.

When Steven Sinofsky got to presenting Internet Explorer on Surface, the Surface he was using froze up. He tried repeatedly to tap the touch-sensitive “home” button, but nothing happened. At this time, his line was “I can browse smoothly” – well, no, you can’t – at least not at this time.

He then went on to talk about other features of the Surface but when he realized that he couldn’t bring it back to life, he had to switch it out with another Surface and continue the presentation.

Shit happens.

Laptop vs Microsoft Surface?

What do you think about the Microsoft Surface? Will you get one? Is it an iPad killer? Leave a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Microsoft FAILs its “Surface” presentation [video]”

  1. Ha, this reminds me of that viral video when people at Microsoft were presenting the Windows ’98 and got a big blue screen. You can’t aavoid this situations, especially when your product is not the highest quality.

  2. I’ve seen that unlucky accident, too… Poor guy on the presentation. I bet he’s going to buy an iPad:)

  3. Really poor guy, but i was wondering why don’t he just be honest and tell the people there that it crash, i mean OSes do crash in various times, right? i mean it is still a prototype anyway (CMIIW), right?

    instead, he just try to be cool, lol.

  4. What a bummer! But these things happen, he was just unlucky that it happened during the presentation and got it on video!


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