5 retro games that deserve a modern remake

We’re currently living in a world that is full of technological possibilities! The Kinect allows us to speak to our console, graphics are so life-like that we can become immersed at the drop of a hat and online features allow us to play video games with people on the other side of the planet! Unfortunately, this technology often feels wasted when developers are churning out games that you can barely tell apart from one another. But what if things were different? What if those memorable classics that consumed our childhood were brought back to life with HD rendered graphics, online capabilities and voice acting? Which of these games would you really choose to return to the world of video games? Below are 5 classics that would certainly blow away any of the modern games we’re used to!

Alien 3

Cast your mind back to the 2D side-scrolling legend that was Alien 3 for the Sega Mega Drive. Now imagine that very game as a slick, third person survival horror where your only means to live is to weaponize the environment around you. Much like the original, this superb high definition remake would have you searching the prison complex for survivors and taking out anything that gets in your way. Throw in a few interactive cutscenes and relationship building conversations with survivors and you’ve got yourself a worthy remake in my books!

Robocop 3

Robocop 3 was of course yet another successful 90’s movie to video game port. Thrilling as it was, a modern remake could breathe life back into the mechanical law enforcer as an RPG-FPS hybrid! Taking cue from Deus Ex, Robocop could search the OCP database for clues, talk to civilians and use a skill tree to upgrade that armour of his. Perhaps even a little dead eye targeting could take place as Robocop quickly draws out his gun from his thigh. A Robocop 3 remake would surely be a hit with fans new and old.

Gunstar Heroes

Car chases in underground railway tunnels, giant robots with tentacle arms and hand-to-hand combat on the wings of flying military aircraft – it’s easy to see why Gunstar Heroes would make a brilliant modern remake. The ability to upgrade weapons could be implemented and the chance to play through it co-operatively would make scenes such as the car chase a joint effort to survive. Third person with animated graphics – perfect!

Metal Gear

I don’t know about you, but after repeated mentions of Outer Heaven from Solid Snake, Colonel Campbell and Gray Fox, I really wanted to re-live their memories! Unfortunately, the 1987 NES release of Metal Gear doesn’t quite deliver the blood soaked battles we were told about. A modern day remake could capture these memorable experiences and give fans of the series a chance to play as a young, beardless Solid Snake!

Final Fantasy VII

I think we can all agree that a Final Fantasy VII remake would easily make game of the century. It’s what fans want and yet Square-Enix refuse to make it happen! I don’t think there is a single Final Fantasy fan alive that wouldn’t cut off their right arm for a remake of such a classic. Skyrim? What’s Skyrim?! Final Fantasy VII set a bar that no other RPG even comes to close to. Come on Square! We want to see a Cloud that isn’t 4 foot tall with no fingers or mouth.

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4 thoughts on “5 retro games that deserve a modern remake”

  1. I definitely agree with FFVII. Best game ever! Imagine what the summons would look like with better graphics. Metal Gear was good too.

  2. Really nostalgic to see these games. I love Metal Gear from Solid to Liquid. I’ve played them back when playstation was still very popular. Which is your most favorite playstation game?

    Thanks for the lists!


  3. It’s fantastic. I think these characters truly deserve a remake. I loved ROBOCOP. I’m really convinced by this article.

    Thanks for helping me reminisce my childhood.

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