Increase Your uTorrent v3.1.3 Download Speed to 1 Mbps

Almost every one of us has used Torrent to download files. In some cases, depending upon various factors, the speed is high or low. Generally, more seeders increase the download speed. However, even if there are hundreds of seeders the speed seems too low. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to increase the speed to download files with lightning blaze.

Follow the below systematic instruction precisely:

1. Open your uTorrent 3.1.3 and click on the option located at top left corner.

2. From the options, choose Preference. It is the first from the drop down list.

3. After you have chosen preference, a window will open.

4. On the left side, there are various settings. Choose connections. In the section ‘Port used for Incoming connection’ change the number to ‘45682’.

5. Next, choose Bandwidth, which is below connection. Here we have to change almost everything. First, change the maximum upload rate to one. Change the maximum download rate to zero. Then finally, at the bottom; change global maximum number of connections to 130, Maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 130 and number of uploads per torrent to three.

6. Below bandwidth, you will find Bittorrent. Click on it, change protocol-outgoing encryption as enabled, and check ‘Allow incoming legacy connections.

7. Click on Queuing. Do the following changes: maximum number of active torrents (upload or download) to 60 and maximum number of active download to 63. Coming to Seeding Goals (default values); change minimum ratio% to 150, minimum seeding time zero and minimum number of available seeds as zero.

8. Finally click on ‘Advanced’. Do the following changes: change the value of bt.allow_same_ip to true. To change the value bt.allow_same_ip, click on it and then choose from below. Scroll further below and find net.outgoing_port. Click on it and change the value to 80. Here it is crucial that you press ‘set’ after changing the value or the change won’t take effect. Scroll further below, find rss.update_interval, and change the value to zero. Again, do not forget to press set.

We are done with uTorrent settings. To give the last touch we need Greedy Torrent. This is an application, which will provide false information that you have uploaded 5 MB for every 1MB. Just download the application and change ‘Report my Upload as’ to 5.90. That is it. We are ready to go now. Close Greedy Torrent (it will run in the background) and start downloading your uTorrent file with high speed that before.

Note: Depending upon your broadband plan your speed might vary.

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Guest article written by: Richie Richardson is passionate about Tech. He is also provides tips on how to find the perfect wordpress developer and how to outsource web development.


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Guest article written by: Richie Richardson is passionate about Tech. He is also provides tips on how to find the perfect wordpress developer and how to outsource web development.


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  1. I think I really need to try this.
    I personally believe that downloading speed depends upon the “Internet Speed”.
    I will experiment this today.. 🙂
    Thanks !!

  2. Wow, this post is so detailed. Great post! By default I get 5MBPS, using these tips i got to 6.5! Keep up the great posts.

  3. Wow, this is great. Great use of screenshots to make it easy to follow. I am going to test it tonight as soon as I get home from work.

    Thanks !

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  5. Thank you guy !!! You increased my speed from 15kb/s to 400 kb/s !!! Because for some technical reasons they lowed my speed from 24 mbps to 5 mbps and I wanted so much more speed to my utorrent ! Thanks 😀

  6. oh my god! this freaking worked my estimated download time went from 3 weeks to 1 hour!!! amazinnggg thank you soo much!!! first guide that actually works without slowing down again 😀

  7. Hey Richie,

    This is a great post for boosting up the Torrent download speed. Thanks for this great article, and it really worked. Lovely post!


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