GTalk or BBM – No Conversation is a Secret Now!

Ever wondered if you could get hold of a genie to solve all your problems? A genie which could show you the real picture of your loved ones? Well, now you can actually get your hands on a genie that can monitor the activities of your desired targets via effective and reliable cell phone monitoring. Cell phone monitoring is no more a surprise in today’s world. These devices are used by almost each and every person you are acquainted with.

One mobile spy app that has carried out perfect monitoring for many users across the globe is StealthGenie. StealthGenie takes into account all your spying desires and works like a real genie when it comes to monitoring. Its sophisticated features and brilliant compatibility with the smartphones make it a true gem for parents, employers, spouses and various other people who want to keep a check on someone’s activities.

What types of chats are monitored by StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is loaded with features that can help you keep a track of each and every form of correspondence that occurs on your target’s mobile phone. The monitored person can never find out that you have installed a mobile tracking app on their phone. They will continue with their regular activities. However, StealthGenie is exclusively designed for smartphones with Android or BlackBerry OS. This technology doesn’t only help you find out the call logs and SMS related communication of your target but also the various other forms of communication such as instant messaging and emails.

No matter who your target is, each and every smartphone user utilizes the advanced IM apps such as Google Talk or BlackBerry Messenger. These mediums have become more popular as they enable you to carry out free-of-cost communication around the world. Hence, keeping a check on the chat content is a need! Your child, spouse or employee is most likely to interact with people via GTalk or BBM assuming that their communication over these channels will remain a secret but StealthGenie is here to prove them wrong. The outstanding surveillance system of StealthGenie enables us to read all the chat content of the monitored device. The real-time chats of your spouse can help you assess their loyalty and affection towards you. You can easily find out what your kids are up to and the hi-tech monitoring of this application can reveal the true colors of your employees as well!

StealthGenie – Monitors it all!

With StealthGenie, you can free your mind and focus on the more crucial tasks in your daily life. By simply logging on your StealthGenie account, you can view the following details:

  • BBM and GTalk chat logs and conversation history
  • The contact list of your target device
  • Call logs
  • SMS correspondence
  • Their real-time location

So, now you can discover the hidden truth in any situation you want by a simple, easy-to-use mobile spy app like StealthGenie

16 thoughts on “GTalk or BBM – No Conversation is a Secret Now!”

  1. Is it possible with stealthgenie to locate the position of the personn using the tracked phone? In case your phone is stolen, why not installing this app in your own phone and track it when needed?

  2. Good to know that such sophisticated technologies exist but if you look at it from another angle, there’s equally something called trust and privacy. People should be free to do things they want…

  3. is this a surprise? Google is a huge data miner. They don’t care what data they’re after, they just want as much of it as possible.

  4. Pingback: Erick Kincaid
  5. feel good in being a apple iphone user again, as u said this device can track android and BBM. very interesting take on it over there, I would have loved to make a track on certain few people if i am in home and make use of this great spyware software.come on if this software is not called a spyware then what else is.

  6. The question is whether you want to integrate all your interactions. For the youngest generation this might seem natural, but for me having everything about me tracked and recorded does have a potential for backfiring.

  7. All this new technology is very scary and i guess we all should just realize that we have no privacy what so ever anymore. Do you know if there is something similar for iPhone?

  8. Nice application introduced. A new technology always makes us surprise. But from any new launching technologies have always some issues about privacy.

  9. yeah it offers real spying features which one can use for their children, on their employee if they carry sensitive information and on their spouse as well for any doubt. Sometimes it is good to use these kinds of tools for good purpose like keeping eye on your children.

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  11. Back in my Blackbery days, I used to love BBM. It was so ahead of it’s time.

    That and a real KB. I miss those days!

  12. Pingback: Erick Kincaid
  13. This program is still behind when compared to this industry’s leader Mobile Spy. StealthGenie runs on basement servers and doesn’t even provide phone-based tech support. They also don’t have Live Surveillance features like viewing the GPS location or screen in real time.


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