What cool apps are there around?

When most people think about cool apps, they think entertainment and games, and yes there are some really cool fun apps around; in fact they dominate all the app markets. But there are also many apps that can help us with our day jobs and many of those are also rather cool, so here are two really cool workaday apps that once you try them you will wonder how you managed without them.

One of the coolest work related apps around is Jump which will work on the iPhone, the iPad and on any Android smartphone such as the Galaxy SIII. The app allows you to access your computer and apps from a remote location, which means that you can work from anywhere; you simply control your computer from your smartphone or tablet. It uses RDP (remote desktop protocol) and VNC (virtual network computing) and it is very secure and it can be set up automatically. You connect to your computer through a host name or IP address and it makes use of all the multi-touch, pinch zoom and other powerful facilities of your mobile device. There is a free version which allows you to connect to a single computer, and a paid version that allows you to connect to as many computers as you wish.

Businesses are also creating their own apps for customers to browse their range of services and products. These apps are also free and can be found on the iTunes store, such as the motors.co.uk app.

If you get around a lot in your job, then you will know how difficult it is keeping track of your expenses and receipts. After a few weeks on the road putting your expenses together can be a burdensome chore especially when you have a backlog of work to catch up with. What you need is Expensify, and app that keeps track of all of your business expenditure. Expensify runs on your mobile device and connects to the cloud. With it you can scan all your bills and receipts, record your purchases, log your mileage, sync with your credit cards, scan business cards and many other things that you need to record on the road. Later you can generate expense reports and analyse your expenditure.

7 thoughts on “What cool apps are there around?”

  1. You are perfectly right, most of my friends and acquaintances don’t even imagine what we could really do with our smart phones. They just buy an expensive phone to play funky games and keep up with the new trends.

  2. This is app is very useful to me. I could now do computer assistance/repair while i’m away from office. This is what we called maximizing the purpose of Smartphones. It’s worth the price of an expensive Smartphone.

  3. I will have to check out the Jump app – thanks for sharing. I spend a fair amount of time traveling and there are times this would be extremely useful. I use my voicenote app for business constantly. Instead of writing notes I can simply record the note and keep it electronically – especially when I get ideas or remember things I need to do while driving.

  4. That does sound like a cool app. I will have to try it out, not that I could a ton of work done on my phone but in a pinch it would be nice to be able to access my pc.


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