Top 7 Stunning Android Games Worth Playing

The android games and apps market has seen a lot of action in the past few years with a lot of new apps and games designed for Android users hitting the market almost every day. The quality and the entertainment value of some of these games and apps is either on par with the Apple ones or in some cases is even more than them. Here is a look at the latest Android games to have surfaced on the scene that are grabbing the attention of the Android users.

1) Bird On A Wire

Birds on a Wire is one of the latest Android games to have been released in the past few days. It is an action puzzle game that provides heaps of entertainment and fun to the players. The game is a mix of puzzles and the odd bubble shooting challenge. The design of the challenges and puzzles is quite absorbing and can get people to remain hooked for long hours. You get to play 50 levels of increasing difficulty rating. Both free and premium versions of the game are available with the premium version costing only 99¢, which is quite affordable.

2) Kingdoms and Lords

Kingdoms and Lords is another of the newest offering of Android games that has been recently released. Being a real-time strategy game that is set in medieval times, Kingdoms and Lords is ideal for people who like the challenges of building kingdoms and maintaining armies. Even though the setting of the game is in the past, the structure of the buildings is similar to the Sims City while the combat style is similar to the Age of Empires. It is a fun game to play and can keep a person entertained for hours on end.

3) Techno Trancer

Techno Trancer is a fresh space shooting game for the Android Smartphones that takes a new take on the space-shooting genre. The game utilizes a vertical approach rather than a horizontal one that is used in most of the space shooting games that are present in the Android Market at the moment. This new take on the genre makes this game perfect for people who want a change from the usual.

4) Punch Hero

Punch Hero is superb new addition to the boxing genre of games for Android users. All of you who like punching people, Punch Hero is a real treat. The game is highly customizable and even provides you the chance to import your own face to become the boxer’s face. Punch Face also allows you to train your boxing skills in a Training Centre environment before starting to box in the ring. It is a totally fun game to play that provides bundles of joy for the players.

5) New Orbit- Episode 1

New Orbit is an excellent Android game that uses the concept of anime story telling. The game is designed superbly and provides the players the chance to get a feel of the future. The game play of New Orbit takes the players in to a new world where the Earth is gone and people are now living on the Asteroid belt. The object of the game is to avoid the attack of space pirates and to keep your spaceship safe. It is an amazing game that will keep you occupied for lengths of time without you even noticing it.

6) Foosball Cup

Foosball Cup is a football related Android game that has undoubtedly the prettiest of all the games that have been recently introduced in the Android Market. If you are using an Android tablet then this game can provide you lots of entertainment value and can keep you amused for long periods of time. There are many international teams from which you can choose players from and the game also provides highly responsive controls.

7) Market Millionaire

Market Millionaire is a stock trading Android game that can provide not only entertainment to the player but can also help him in understanding and learning the art of stock trading. The game even gives players a chance to learn binary trading as well.

Therefore, if you are feeling bored and want to play a game to pass out your time on your Android handset or tablet that downloading any of these games is the best option you have.

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Guest article written by: by Lewis Hooker, who is an internet marketer and SEO consultant. He is currently working with web application development as a leading marketing officer. You can reach him through his gtalk: [email protected]


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Guest article written by: by Lewis Hooker, who is an internet marketer and SEO consultant. He is currently working with web application development as a leading marketing officer. You can reach him through his gtalk: [email protected]


4 thoughts on “Top 7 Stunning Android Games Worth Playing”

  1. All these games are pretty awesome. But I think you guys forgot about the coolest Android game of all, the Angry Birds. Also I like Temple Run too.

  2. Bird on a wire is awesome fun. Kingdoms and Lords sounds like another I need to try. Thanks for the share – I’m going to download Kingdoms and Lords now 😀

  3. Allow me to add Amazing Alex, SpacePhysics, and Granny Smith to that list. I also find “DiceMe” (A free multiplayer version of yahtzee) to be completely addictive.


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