David duChemin: “Forget Mugshots: 10 Steps to Better Portraits”

Forget Mugshots, 10 Steps To Better Portraits is for every photographer who’s ever wanted to make stronger photographs of people. Written by David duChemin, a photographer whose living and calling for the last 6 years has been creating compelling portraits and people photographs for clients all over the globe, if he could tell you only 10 things to immediately improve your images, these 10 steps or concepts would be at the very top of the list.

This 35-spread PDF eBook discusses the value of waiting for that great moment (and how to make sure you don’t miss it), how a true smile differs from a fake one, and other solid insights that are guaranteed to give you tangible ideas to make the most of your next portrait shoot. Combining these steps with Portrait Profiles and Creative Exercises, Forget Mugshots will help you photograph real people in the real world, leveraging the techniques and best practices that have made David’s portraits known around the world.

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3 thoughts on “David duChemin: “Forget Mugshots: 10 Steps to Better Portraits””

  1. these steps are very valuable for portrait creation. every point is important and very essential for portrait manufacturing.

  2. Good article, a lot of good points that most people overlook .every point is important and very essential for portrait manufacturing.

  3. Just to share my tip – a good zoom will really improve the quality of any portrait – the “Mugshots” are normally taken from way to close to the subject and leaves them feeling awkward which will shoe in the image you capture.


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