How To Protect your Wireless Network

The popularity of wireless networks has increased ever since its introduction. Through the years, it has been widely adapted in homes and businesses. But at the same time, they have introduced new security problems due to its nature of transmission of Radio Frequency (RF) because what is transmitted via radio frequency can be intercepted.

The popularity of wireless technology has been increased due to one primary factor: convenience, because it allows workers to access different resources without having to be tethered to their desks. Individuals can bring their laptops to cafes, parks recreation, schools, airports and in different hang hotspots where wireless connection allow to connect to the internet for free.

Use encryption. The most effective way to protect your wireless network from intruders is to encrypt or encode network communications. Most wireless routers, access points and base stations have a built-in encryption mechanism. If your wireless router does not have this encryption feature, consider getting one which does.

The makers of wireless routers often shipped their equipment with the encryption function disabled and you must activate it. In the instruction manual of your wireless router should find a description of the procedure to install. If not, consult the manufacturer’s Web site router.

There are two main types of encryption: Protected Access for Wireless Data Transfer or WPA (for its acronym in English Wi-Fi Protected Access) and Wireless Equivalent Privacy, or WEP (for its acronym in English Wired Equivalent Privacy).

Your computer, router and other equipment must use the same encryption. The WPA encryption provides a powerful protection, if you have the option, use this system as it is designed to protect against most attacks by hackers.

Some older models of routers only offer encryption of type WEPwhich is better than no encryption. This encryption or coding system should protect your wireless network against accidental intrusions by neighbors or attacks by hackers against less sophisticated. If uses WEP encryption, set the highest security level.

Advantages of Wireless Networks:

  • The mobility is convenient for users.
  • Cost-effective in the initial phase.
  • They are easy to connect.
  • There are different ways of transmitting data.
  • File sharing is easy.

Disadvantages of Wireless Networks:

  • The mobility is convenient but insecure on security issues.
  • Costs after implementation are high.
  • No physical security in wireless networks.
  • More convenient for Hackers to hack the Wireless Networks.

Author of this post: Greg Salter is geek who likes to sharing his views on security and networking. He has been writing for various Ethical Hacking blogs and forums. He has keen interest in, security of wireless connections.

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  1. For tech nerds it’s pretty standard stuff, but still very important. Sometimes it’s ok to go back to the basics with stuff like this.

  2. irrespective of its flaws,it becomes irreplaceable at least by its current rivals .Wifi in college and schools have already becoming a must these days.

  3. I’ve learned a lot from your blog here! Keep on going, I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you’re talking about. Can’t wait to read more from you! I will keep an eye on it.

  4. Such a great article, I think everybody should have read this. I’m always amazed when I look for some wireless networks in my local area: there are at least 4 unprotected wireless networks to see from my flat, and I think it is incredible. Why don’t people care about their online security? Not only their bandwidth could be stolen but others could get access to their personal data on their computers. I think I should print your text and put it in the reception area;)

  5. Yes, its true! My wireless have been hacked when I using the WEP. Right now I’m using the WPA and this problem has been solved and no one hack my wireless again.

  6. wireless security is one of the most imporatnt thing to consider….if some one is using wireless router in his home thnx for the complete security options going to help me a lot 🙂


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