Best techniques to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Nothing is 100% virus proof but by taking the following precautions, you can help reduce the risk of your computer being infected by a virus that could do significant damage.

Microsoft offers a feature for Microsoft Windows users through their Microsoft Windows Security Center/ Protect Your PC Site which can help you enable the essentials for computer virus protection that came preloaded with Windows.

In general it is important to know that the basics for computer virus prevention that you need are:  an internet firewall, antispyware software and antivirus software.

It is also important to keep up with all updates for your software.

Windows Live OneCare is a virus prevention service that offers a 90-day free trial.  It provides a firewall, virus scanning, antispyware, file backup and restore capability and PC performance tune-up ability.

One of the best ways to protect your computer from viruses is to download files only from websites you trust.  When you need to download a file and you don’t know the website source well enough to trust it then you can download it on to a removable source like a thumb drive rather than onto your hard drive or load your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

Don’t open suspicious e-mail messages, messages from unknown sources, or unknown files.  Often this is easier said than done if you have many people you may get messages and files from but do your best to only open email messages with a subject line that makes sense to you or you are expecting especially if you don’t recognize the author.  All email has a junk email filter but this will not protect you from viruses generally speaking.

Install antivirus software which can scan your system, looking out and eradicating viruses on a recurring footing. Leaders in antivirus software merchandise for Windows systems are Norton Antivirus, McAfee, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and PC-cilin.

Keep updating your system time to time, and also control on access by setting password.

PC Tools, Super antispyware, Avast, and Malware bytes are all popular virus stoppers.  All of these programs have versions which you can download for free.

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  8. Ignorance is one of the problem why our computer get easily infected by a virus. We must educate ourselves about the do’s and dont’s in the internet; in this way, we could protect our computer. Sometimes, knowledge is a better prevention than buying expensive software. Nowadays, a lot of viruses, malwares, and spywares spread around the internet that may steal or destroy our vital data that just in the computer but as well as in the mobile phone.

    • I totally agree with your points. Even though there are so many users using the Internet only a few of them protect themselves efficiently against viruses. Having a retail antivirus program is a top priority, but watching where you click is as important as antivirus.

  9. I got my computer infected several times and I’ve learned my lesson. I never open suspect e-mails or download applications from sites with a bad reputation. In addition I update my anti-virus software on a regular basis, even if I know there don’t work every time and we have to prevent issues as well.

  10. I have had my share of virus to. You can do a lot of prevention but the virus makers are always working to stay one step ahead it seems/

  11. If you are using a free antivirus get AVG or Avast. If you are buying just get the best – Norton Internet Security. You can try Norton for 30 days before getting it. I just realized recently that I need to protect my banking and paypal information better so I switched from avast free to Norton Internet Security 2012. For now I am with the trial, but on Monday my 1 year key is coming :). I also update Windows regularly and the browser too.

  12. I often get emails coming from my friends email addresses containing links alone and no messages. I don’t open them. I can’t believe some hackers still pick up where the love virus left off. I have Avast Free on my computer and things seem fine but I don’t think Avast is enough actually to fight malwares cause I just broke my wi-fi driver for no reason. I blame it to virus. What do you think?

    Thanks for the great post!

  13. Thanks for the great tips. It has become harder and harder to protect your computer from viruses.

  14. Nice tips no doubt about it. Online security and privacy is big concern now a days and you can easily ensure it by using updated anti-viruses for your system. Avoid visiting on suspicious and doubtful sites. Don’t open spam box mail as it’s one of the easy way to infect your system.

  15. Well I guess this is a really good technique to be followed…. I am not sure how much effective this will be….

  16. Hello there thanks for sharing this great tips for us to follow and to protect our own computer from different kinds of viruses, I am just wondering can I use this techniques in my laptop, because I am worry that sometimes it suddenly slow down, is it infected by a virus?

  17. Unfortunately a PC protection depends only on our experience. Users learn everyday something new about viruses and antiviruses everyday)))
    I think that the best way is to update antivirus program regularly and not to visit doubtful resources

    • It shoud be better, but it is not free. And if you are buying, just get Norton, because it is better. Check this:,2817,2369749,00.asp

  18. Sometimes, free virus protection software fails to protect our PC from the virus especially like torjan but I hope that it will not to do the same.


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