The Banjo App Is Gaining Popularity at Breakneck Speed

In just nine months, the Banjo social app has hit 1 million users, rivaling the booming growth of superstar social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Banjo beat out other social media favorites like Foursquare and Pinterest as it made its way to the top.

If you’re not a Banjo user, the first question on your mind may be: what is this app all about? And rightly so…

The Banjo app is a social media solution to keep up with the vast selection of social networks that an Internet user may participate in on any given day. Banjo solves this problem by integrating all social networks into one user-friendly service.

Using one app, you can update your Facebook friends, tweet your followers on Twitter, and post new pictures to Instagram, while logging your location up-to-the-minute using Foursquare. Instead of keeping 4 to 5 different active apps on your phone, Banjo will do all of the fancy footwork for you.

Banjo advertises their service as social discovery, instead of traditional social media.

When you use the app, you will be updated with posts from the 16 closest users in any social network that Banjo is connected to. Even better, no login is necessary. You simply sync the app to all of your social networks to find friends nearby.

The convenience and wide reach of this mobile app makes it possible for you to see the public locations of your social connections around the globe. This boils down to two major benefits for all Banjo users:

  1. Quick friend alerts from a variety of social networks.
  2. Updates with location-based content worldwide.

Banjo will display social activity on all social networks that you are a member of within the past 24 hours; it will also provide quick alerts of friends and social connections that are nearby, in the event that you want to connect in person.

While Banjo can be primarily used in public places and at special events to find nearby friends and view their updates, it also provides the great benefit of social organization for so many users who find themselves overextended in their use of multiple social networks.

Instant Community with No Membership Necessary

Compared to the use of the social media giant Facebook, Banjo stands out as a rising star since it aims to offer users an instant community where you don’t have to sign in, check-in, or become a member. All public social media profiles will be aggregated into a personal RSS feed of updates, which will be organized by nearby users and friends in your vicinity.

If you want to expand the range of your local network at any time, the number of default friends set at 16 can be changed to extend your boundaries as far as 3000 miles away, if desired.

Guest article written by: Bethany Ramos is a full-time freelance writer that co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump. The Coffee Bump specializes in a wide variety of Bunn coffee makers and assorted coffee and espresso products.

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  2. I never heard about this App but I’ve understand why it’s so famous!!

    It can beat Foursquare with little effort

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  5. The one of the most important feature which I like in the Banjo is that you can also able to update your friends on Facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. by using only this one application.

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