KPMG Social Media Guidelines – Think Global, Think Social

Social media has exploded these past few years. With almost one billion users on Facebook alone, it’s amazing how fast the social media world has connected so many people worldwide.

In fact, it has gone so fast that many people never really got a chance to “learn how to use it properly”. Yes, it’s easy to post status updates, upload photos etc., but do you really know about the consequences yet? Short term? Long term? Not really, no.

Every now and then we read about somebody having lost their job because they posted something wrong on a social media network, but that’s “short term”. What will happen in the long term, like, after 10 years of Facebook usage? I don’t know, but some secret government agencies out there are probably going to have a field day, indexing our lives and searching for terrorists and what not…

But I digress.

The point of this post was merely to show a video made by KPMG – their social media guidelines. KPMG employs thousands of people worldwide, and with so many people under the same brand (more or less), it’s important to have some guidelines so you don’t put your entire brand in a bad light, when you’re a bit too active on Twitter and so on.

Check out the video below – I think it’s a good idea and I can only encourage other companies, small or big, to make sure they have guidelines on social media usage for their employees:

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