Review: DVDFab DVD Ripper Makes Your Life on-the-go More Colorful

If you are a typical business person whose daily life is highly associated with heavy transportation, there must be ways for you to spend your on the go time. The question is how you do this? As I understand, business person are usually armed with all kinds of digital devices that are portable. How about enjoy your trips by watching a favorite movie, or listening to a particular piece of music? Here I recommend you a very useful DVD ripper software, which can rip DVDs of all sorts to your PDAs, like smart phone, pocket computer, or tablet PCs.

DVDFab DVD Ripper is one of the best rated DVD ripper software’s found on the market. Its publisher has been in this field for nearly ten years. It is an all-included DVD converter application. It has almost 30 ripping modes available for the time being and still more are being constantly added. If you want to rip DVD for your New iPad for example, this DVD converting tool will do that for you in just a few mouse clicks.

Suppose that there is a beautiful song in one of your loved DVDs, and you want to extract this song only, instead of the video, so that you can feed your ears on the way. DVDFab DVD Ripper can do it, too. You just need to choose the Audio mode, use the Title Start/End Setting to find which chapters this song is in, and then start the extracting process. By doing this, you can transfer the music in the form of MP3, WAV, MP4 and audio copy. In the future, a more convenient way will be realized, which is to freely edit the starting&ending points of a DVD, instead of the current method that is chapter splitting based.

Other amazing features of this great DVD ripper include:

  • convert an existing DVD movie folder, or a DVD ISO image file on your local HDD;
  • optimize parameters before ripping such as bit rate, frame size (resolution), frame rate, aspect ratio, image cropping regarding video, and bit rate, channel and volume regarding audio to fit your personal preference;
  • Fast converting speed and batch conversion to greatly enhance the converting efficiency, by taking advantages of multi-core CPUs and batch conversion.

In conclusion, DVDFab DVD Ripper is a must-have program not only for your daily life, but also for your life on the go. It makes every minute of your trips count.

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  1. That software seems to be really nice, I had been searching for an universal video converter for a while, when I found your article. I would need something like that, because I had to optimize my videos for all my devices, my iPhone, my iPad, and for my notebook. But I also want to enjoy the HD quality in my living room.

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