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What is a Mac DVD Copy software? Literally, a Mac DVD Copy software is a piece of software application designed for Mac OS X, doing the job of making backup DVDs. Professionally, Mac DVD Copy refers to the DVD Copy software written for Mac platform and has the full capability of backing up DVDs. Why do we need a Mac DVD Copy software? Not to mention the increasing investment you throw on DVDs, the current DVD collection you have is a large wealth to you. To prevent the DVDs from being damaged, scratched, mishandled, you need to make duplicates of the original DVDs. That well explains why we need a DVD copy software. How to choose a good DVD copy for Mac software? There are many DVD copy applications flooding the internet. How to choose one that is best for you? Following aspects should be taken into your consideration when selecting one from the many, feature set, backup quality, program stability, ease of use, and frequency of upgrade.

DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac, a well-known brand owned by Fengtao Software Inc., according to our test, is a very promising one that features a large variety of functions. Here below is our review, from the standpoints of above mentioned aspects.

Feature Set

As an all-inclusive Mac DVD copy program, DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac has 8 copy modes: Full Disc mode copies the entire disc content, including extras and special features; Main Movie mode copies the longest title, usually the movie title itself (default), or any title (user has to manually switch to a specific one); Split mode splits and copies a Main Movie of DVD 9 disc to two blank DVD 5 discs in 100% quality; Customize mode copies any one title or titles you want; Customize Split mode splits all the titles on a DVD disc into two parts and burn them to two blank DVD 5 discs or output as two movie folders or ISO image files, in DVD 5 size, but 100% quality; Merge mode puts different titles from different DVDs onto one single blank DVD 5 or DVD 9 disc; Clone mode makes identical 1:1 copy of the original disc; Write Data mode burns an existing DVD folder or (ISO) image file from your hard drive to a blank disc or converts a DVD folder to an ISO disc image file.

Backup Quality

Based on our test, the general quality of the copied discs can reach the original level. Especially when no compression is involved in, no jitter or blur is found. If you use the compression, for example, compressing an entire DVD 9 video disc onto a blank DVD 5 disc should result in X% of quality loss on video image, but, the quality loss is unnoticeable under human eyes, so to speak. So, you can feel easy about this.

Program Stability

When we say a program is good, we definitely mean that it runs smoothly on the computer, and does it job accordingly. We also mean that the software is very stable. DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac allows you to adjust its CPU usage, even allows GPU acceleration. On both circumstances, it runs seamlessly. You will seldom come across a crash or freeze issue. When you do, there is always in-time technical assistance to help you troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Ease of Use

DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac has very clean and deft interfaces so that you can easily manipulate. You certainly will not feel at loss when you want to copy a disc, as the navigation panel on the left on the main interface will direct you easily from one step to the next. You just need a few clicks to start the copying process and another few to end it. Easy and simple, it one of the easiest DVD copy software’s we have came across, as far as easy-for-use is concerned.

Frequency of Upgrade

When choosing an application software, one very important fact we should mention is that whether this program is kept alive or dead. By saying so, we mean that we have to check if the software version is consistently upgraded. DVDFab DVD copy for Mac is very frequently upgraded to cope with the latest movie releases so that you can use it to back up any of your DVDs.


In conclusion, DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac is very powerful Mac DVD copy software. Its diversified copy functions, fast speed and genuine output quality make it the most popular DVD copy for Mac applications among DVD fans. It is the coolest Mac DVD copy software we ever tested.

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  1. This is a great software for those that use their Dvd-writer frequently. In addition, if you consider it the best tool of this kind on the market, it should be really good.

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  3. I have always found the Mac lacking in this kind of software (most are not very reliable) but having said that this is one of the best I have come across. The same version for the PC is also very good

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