10 Best iphone Apps 2013

social-networking-business-apps-mobileNo doubt iPhone is contributing a lot in making people’s life better and easier with its hot features. iPhone is continuously dominating the arena of smartphones for years and one of these reasons is the apps that one can download on these devices. Here are a few iPhone apps that help you know a lot and experience unlimited fun.

1. CloudOn

There is no Microsoft office version that is compatible with the iPhone. CloudOn happens to be the best possible option in the market.  Linked to many cloud storage systems online, this is the best productivity suite available. If your business demands use of the office documents, CloudOn allows you to do so. Get connected to your business demands even on the move or when you do not prefer to use your laptop or desktop.

2, Dropbox

This app lets you saving your documents on the clouds and  is another storage suite. Like CloudOn, this is another app engineered by keeping the business people in mind and you can use it on your office or home computer. You can simply dump your file in a syncing folder in the Dropbox and later access, view and download these files from your some other device. You can download this popular app from [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Insofter[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Insofter[/tp] which is a comprehensive downloading platform and splendid catalog of software.

3. CamCard

When you collect business cards, most of the times you would never get them when you actually need them. The reason is that they are kept off in the drawers or on the desks, which you would lose easily in a few days. You can take a snap of the business card in your smartphone using the CamCard app. The best thing is that they can be stored in the search-able formats.

4. Grafio

A particular genres of business still rely on the charts and Venn diagrams for several reasons. When you want to draw charts on your PC, it is an intimidating work, and it is going to be tricky for sure. The Grafio app lets you use the touchscreen feature to the core, and when you draw with your finger the perfect shapes appear. You can add colors, text, take notes, and even give presentations with this app.

5. Google Maps

Traveling without Google Maps is not fun always. When Apple came up with its own option for Google Maps, it was not much appreciated. Google had its app in the Apple stores. Compared to the paid rival apps, this accurate app is always the preferred Mapping app. For anyone, who likes to use the perfect app for finding the routes accurately, Apple has no app, but the Google Maps is the only alternative.

6. Food.com

Developed by the Television Food Network G.P., the Food.com is the perfect option for classic and themed recipes for the holiday seasons. You can find many new recipes for any occasion and save them. Also, you can share these with the social networking sites.

7. Rise Alarm Clock

Now you can rise up to your favorite tune and also, you can turn the alarm on and off with simple hand gestures. Just shake your iPhone to snooze the alarm clock!

8. Facebook

Life without Facebook means no entertainment. You can access the site with really honed expertise and access to contacts, feeds and many more.

9. Twitter

This app is for the Twitter fans. There are a few features that go missing in the official Twitter like the Tweetbot. The site can be used simply. The Twitter website uses several navigational offers, and the same can be found in this app.

10. Wikipanion

When you find that you need some authentic information on any topic, Wikipedia is the best site to get all details. Though you can find the site working perfectly on the iPhones, an exclusive app can be much beneficial. This free app lets you access the view options, article search, bookmarking and a lot more.


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