5 Home Appliances We Couldn’t Live Without

appliances-microwave-cooker-toaster-kitchen-ovenWe take a lot of our household items and gadgets for granted these days, just assuming that they’ve always been there, they’re always going to work to the optimum level and that they’re always going to produce the results we desire. Then, when something goes wrong, even the slightest thing, it’s a disaster and we want to throw them out of the window.

These days it’s hard to picture a home without lots of electronic appliances kicking around, even if we don’t really notice they’re there. It’s just expected that homes have certain items, and when they’re not there we really do miss them. When something does go wrong with an appliance and it’s “out of order” for a few days, we tend to realise just how big a part of every day life they are and how we almost can’t live without them.

To show you how much we rely on certain possessions, here are five examples, see which ones you take for granted, and which you couldn’t live without around the house:


For those people who just throw their dirty clothes on the floor, see it disappear and then magically reappear a few days later, clean and ironed, [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]washing machines[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]washing machines[/tp] are the thing in your kitchen or utility room that make that magic happen! Using a combination of hot water, washing powder and the spinning drum, these machines get all of the dirt and stains out of your clothes so they feel just like new – and when the plan b is to wear once and throw it away, buying a new one each time, which makes no financial sense whatsoever, washing machines are essential.

Many washing machines even feature drying systems as part of the package, but [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]tumble dryers[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]tumble dryers[/tp] can also be a separate item in the home, drying your freshly washed clothes in double quick time as opposed to hanging them on the line or waiting for them to dry on the radiator. This doesn’t just save time, but lets us have the same item washed and dried in around an hour or so, perfect if you need your favourite shirt to go out that night!


Home cooked meals are amazing, they just are. So amazing that many of us go over to our parents’ or friends’ houses just so we can have some proper homemade food. The ability to just throw something in the oven and wait for it to cook in around half an hour is brilliant, especially if you’re busy and you’ve got plenty of hungry mouths to feed. For many of us, financially and in terms of our health, takeaways and ready meals aren’t an option because the costs soon stack up. Cooking and preparing fresh meals using fresh ingredients is a much better option, made possible by that hot piece of equipment in your kitchen.


If you’re in a rush, sometimes there is no greater appliance than a microwave. Either to quickly cook some beans for your beans on toast, or to heat up a ready meal on your lunch hour or maybe just to heat up your baby milk, microwaves save time and effort, quickly cooking or heating up our food and drink so we can tuck in!


In the morning you might not have time for a full English breakfast or you might be fresh out of cereal. Disaster! However, you can still get the most important meal of the day thanks to one little gadget in the corner of your kitchen that turns plain, floppy bread into a meal that puts a smile on your face, letting you grab your toast, slap on some butter and jam, marmalade or whatever your preference is, and get off to work or school.

Coffee Machine

Coffee has become one of the trendiest things in recent years with people queuing up for ages in coffee shops to get their caffeine fix each day. Now, we can get that barista-style coffee at home through coffee machines that will create your skinny latte with an extra shot of vanilla or just your simple espresso quickly and easily helping you to get up and go each day, or impress your friends with your amazing coffees that blow their instant alternatives out of the water!

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