Things to Note When Choosing a Free Hosting Service

There are many free hosts in the market available in the market today. And some provide really good services even for free, but some only ruin the name for hosting, and give to the worst services ever. And this post is dedicated to the measures and things you should keep in mind before opting for a free hosting. Read below, some points you should be taking care off.

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Most of the free hosts available today would set up advertisements on your website and it is their compensation for their  disk space and other integrated services you are using.
Some hosts also setup advertising banners on the header of your website. Some make you too display ad on your pages, posts etc. Some also display a pop out displaying their name and their few hosting plans so that they drive more customers. Some put the ads in the frames and then display in your website sidebar or footer. So no matter what method of advertising tout choose you definitely miss out the extra money you could make.  Also there are some hosts that will give you free hosting and would not even advertise on your website. But there are very less known.  However the are always wordpress. com and Google’s blogger platform if your looking to start a free hosted blog. They also provide a free domain, rather a sub domain I would say. Like if you register with them you would have a url as or

Web Space

You also need to make sure, whether the Web Space the hosting company is providing would fulfill your needs well or not? Getting banned or getting account suspended and leaving an unexpected error on your website would make a very bad impression on your visitors. So it is always advised that you should properly check the space they are providing you with. And then make a choice depending upon your needs and then move ahead only. Do not think of now, think of the scenarion and the visitors you would be having after two or three months.

FTP Access

FTP is the most widely used protocol to upload files on your server you want on your hosting space. Again here your needs come in to play. Some of them would provide you with their free site builder and you would be only bound to use it for building and making your website. While some of them would provide you the FTP Access, and you could upload any platform may it be wordpress, ay forum platform or work your way through the php platform itself. So if yo can adjust with their site builder well and good. If not, find a company that would give you the FTP Access so that you could do all those things mentioned above easily.

Bandwidth And Speed

These are the other two factors you should be looking for also. Bandwidth is usually referred to as the amount of data transfer that the server would allow for your site. Usually the times the site can be loaded. Some free hosting servers usually limit this. And this is how it could make your loyal visitors unhappy and you could lose your rankings. If in midst you use all your bandwidth then your site would be unavailable and trust me it leaves a really bad sign to your visitors. So at this time your free hosting would mess up all your hardwork that you did to build some following, and that will be gone once your have these kind of errors. Another aspect is the site loading time. Also make sure the site loads if not fast, it does not taking the hell of a time to load. Again it could harm your loyal following and you could lose your traffic, because nowadays people don’t even wait for 5 secs to wait for a page to load.

So in the end, choose what is appropriate for you. Free hosts are not bad, unless they harm or affect your visitors and fan following. So keep those things in mind, then only go for a free host, because you should not be allowing a free host to ruin all your online efforts. I hope it would help. 🙂

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Guest article written by: Umpreet, at 17 loves to write about new technology trends and some cool tricls Read his latest work on a review of Zyma Hosting.


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Guest article written by: Umpreet, at 17 loves to write about new technology trends and some cool tricls Read his latest work on a review of Zyma Hosting.


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