Six Awesome Giveaway Ideas To Promote Your Techy Business

tote-bagWho doesn’t love a free t-shirt? Here’s how a non-techy method can work for Tech-based businesses.

When promoting a small business, it doesn’t hurt to give out items to current and potential clients that make them excited about your brand. While this is an efficient way to  please your customers with a simple gift, giving out custom items that are useful will ensure that the receiving party will enjoy them for the long run. Otherwise, when handing out uninteresting and useless gifts, the company will fail to see a decent return on investment. Fortunately, with these six awesome giveaway ideas, any techy organization can reel in new customers and keep current ones satisfied.

Branded Shirt

When wanting to give out a practical item that people will use from day one, consider handing out a free shirt with your company’s logo on the front and back. Want to take a step further, think of how you could make it fun and relevant to your business at the same time. Since most people love free clothing, they will most likely wear it within a few days. Now, this is perfect as your customer will wear the shirt out of the house and, without even thinking about it, advertise the product. Another benefit of this promotional item is that it lasts a long time as most people keep their clothes until they have holes or other damage!

Leather notebook

If you’re willing to spend some additional money, you should consider handing out leather notebooks pre-filled with a pad of paper and pen. While this is more expensive than most gifts, it will create a long-lasting memory and the receiver of the item will keep the item and use it when he or she travels or goes to meetings. As a person travels with a leather notebook, others will take notice and see the logo of the firm. This will allow an organization to gain more interest in its product especially when the leather notebook is high quality.

USB memory stick

Anyone working in technology will love receiving a USB memory stick. Of course, people outside of the tech arena will appreciate this inexpensive, yet useful, gift. Since the recipient will use it all the time, the company will gain a lot of free advertising provided they place their logo on the device.

Tote bags

What better way to promote a green message than to give your clients a customized grocery tote bag? You’ll encourage them to use less plastic, and in return, they’ll flaunt your custom bag all over. Tote bags make great custom promotional items in this day and age.

Phone cover

Since most people now have a smartphone, especially in the business world, a company should consider handing out phone covers. With this inexpensive gift, a company can, with ease, excite the recipient and have its logo viewed all over the world.

Key chain bottle opener

Most people have a use for a key chain bottle opener. When at a party, a person can impress other attendees when they whip out their bottle opener and save the day. For this reason, when trying to hand out a memorable and useful item, a company should give out key chain bottle openers with their logo on both sides. Since this is an inexpensive way to impress people, an organization will see a good return on its investment.

For more ideas, check out the guys over at [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp]. With these six gift ideas, a business can showcase its brand, keep current clients happy and potentially find new customers.

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