Creating and Hosting a website with Dropbox – Tutorial

Well if you’re planning to make a basic website, with some basic elements and design and have decided to not to spend for hosting services. Then it might be a good step, as there are many workarounds which you could use, and also some methods like using some free servers. But the major problem with the free servers is that they put up an advertisement unit on your website. And this situation gets irritating sometimes.So not to worry, well you could use the cloud storage platform, in this case it is going to be Dropbox. In this post is a tutorial on how to host your website using Dropbox.


But before actually going into detail, I must mention again that you should only be hosting a simple website , with some simple pages and template and design. As you also need to keep in mind that Dropbox already has much traffic, and the free account only allow 10 GB of data transfer.For instance you could host a blog. So let’s begin.

DropPages: The Easiest method

One of the easiest services to use Dropbox to host host your website is DropPages.Logging in to the website, you’ll be prompted to give in your DropBox credentials. Doing this will itself and automatically create a folder in your Dropbox account. You could find it by navigating to DropBox>Apps>DropPages. This folder would be empty till you create your first website. You can choose your sub domain on the DropPages here, just the way you do it on and


If you’d want to use your domain name, you could do that by upgrading to the pro plan, but that is not free to use. it would cost you around £5 per month. Dropbox would also give you three different themes for your website. Again these are very basic ones, you could use this website just a reference page to your business or so.


DropPages sites would use the data from three folders in your DropBox account.The “Content”folder would be having all your text files, and it will automatically convert them into .html files.The “public” folder would contain your static content, i.e., CSS files, Images, and other downloadable content you put up. And the “Template” folder would be the place where you could change the template of your website. Choosing your Template you could download all the files and then replace the existing files in the DropPages folder in your DropBox. This is probably the easiest way to create your website. This way you simply replace the existing content on the templates with the content you want. You do not require to make any sidebars, footers etc. So it is the best method for the simplest of the web sites.

So this was a short method to create your simple website with Dropbox. While there are other methods also to create a free and free hosted website, like I mentioned above you could do that with but as you might be knowing WordPress is a blogging CMS and moreover the doesn’t allow you to display ads. And one other good website creator is Weebly. But manaing weebly websites is a bit hectic, so you could have a try at doing it with DropBox. I personally find it much easier. I hope it helped. 🙂

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