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by Guest Author on August 12, 2013

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chromecastChromecast is an amazing little hardware device, with an unbeatable price of $35, used to stream videos and TV. Shows. Instead of those clutters of wire around your TV, you can watch anything of your desire without messy connection and uninterrupted streaming/buffering. The setup process for Chromecast is fairly easy and not require more than 5 minutes.

It can be installed or used by performing the following written steps :-

1) At first, connect Chromecast with your LCD/LED TV and installation wizard will pops out automatically.

2)  Follow second step by downloading the Chromecast app at your Smartphones, Mac or PC. You can also find Chromecast applications at Google Play Store.

3) Apple’s iPad & Smartphone users can use a Web tool via Safari.

4) Finally connect it with your Wi-Fi network by providing the required information.

You can rename Chromecast app to any desired one. For instance, Home, Entertainment, Video Channel etc. You have to configure your Chromecast settings as per your desire and comforts. For example, if the TV is at distance or few rooms away, you can still able to establish a connection between your TV and the router.

Streaming videos with Chromecast is a painless process. Just go to the app store of your smartphone (iOS or Android) and tap Chromecast icon displayed just below the video player option. While streaming videos, you can use your phone or tablet to control various options of playback or you can search for other videos or content over web.

The most charming thing about Chromecast is that it can be remotely controlled by your smartphone. You can even continue using your other apps or games while streaming video.

Unlike the other devices, Chromecast grabs the video from the internet instead of your connected device (smartphone or tablet) by enabling user to perform multitasks.

The biggest demerit of Chromecast is that it only supports few video channels, like YouTube, Netflix and Google Play Music & movies on mobile. By simply installing the Google Cast extension on your Chrome browser you can access any of your tab on your laptop or desktop PC to your TV, that means videos as well as audios can be streamed implicitly by using sources like HBOGo, Hulu, Spotify, Rdio, etc.

Now the question arises whether Chromecast is a perfect entertainment device?

Chromecast is currently sold out at Amazon and on Best Buy Online, however you can place advance order if you want to have one. Reasons behind the sky rocket sales of Chromecast would be its elegant design and never hurting cost of $35.

Guest article written by: Sarah is a Mac Addict and technical blogger, who occasionally shares content on latest Apple releases and technologies. You can find Sarah on Google +


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