Some Tools that you can Use for Better Twitter Management

twitter_logoEven 140 characters can be enough to sow a revolution. Twitter has a great spread and catchy tweets often go viral. However, to enhance the impact of the tweets you compose, you need to reach out to a wider audience and only a good count of followers can ensure that. It does not matter that how big your follower count is, the follower list should contain real people only and they must be interested in what you publish.

Through this article, I will try to point out some tools which you can use for getting a better follower base in Twitter:

Nearby Tweets

This is a great tool to find Twitter friends who live near you. Remember, even though many consider the world to be a globalized village, going local can still prove to be useful. Nearby Tweets is sort of a mix between Google Maps and Twitter search and it lets you find Tweeples (While searching, you can use the combination of keywords and location). To make the search even more effective, you can set the default search radius, block certain people or locations.


You can always make use of the Twitter conversations to engage new users and convert them into your [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]twitter followers[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]twitter followers[/tp]. InboxQ uses the hashtag feature of Twitter and thus it relates to existing conversations. As the campaigns are set up based on keywords, you can manage each of them separately. All the conversations are shared to users at a real time basis so that experts can jump in and air their opinions.

In case you have lots of Twitter followers, things can become extremely noisy for you. With help of, you can filter your timeline and therefore analyze the most important relationships of yours in Twitter. Through this tool, you can divide your Twitter followers into three separate categories: Groups (You can monitor these), Followers (These follow you and hence, you can unfollow them) and High Value Members (These always engage in the tweets you make).

Depending on the profiles, lets you find new leads and you can connect with them if the interests match. Depending on the past engagement, also lists you Twitter users whom you can consider to follow. provides both free and paid account. The free account however is limited to one user profile and 30 engaged members.

Brand Influencers

This is more useful if you use Twitter for promoting your blog. Brand Influencers comes for free and it uses your Google Analytics account to scan all the tweets of yours. Therefore, it gives you a list of the top 4 influencers in your Twitter account, responsible for bringing traffic to your blog. With help of this information, you can engage with them further, thereby adding value to the indirect promotional work that they are already doing.

There are other tools such as Klout and Followerwonk which do a similar job for you, however, I prefer Brand Influencers, mainly because it’s way easier to work with.

Before I conclude, I must add that these are nothing but tools. You can definitely use these for a better management of your Twitter account. However, at the end of the day, everything boils down to the three key points that you should always maintain while using Twitter: good posting frequency, good content and good interactions.

Guest article written by: Christofer Gustavsson loves to write about social networks and how those can be used for promotional purposes. Off late, he is also showing keen interest in usage of Twitter as a marketing tool.

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