How to Gain New Customers and Retain Old Ones

Business GraphLoads of articles discuss above said title. Some are vague depiction of well-researched posts while some others are detailed but focus only on either gaining new customers or retaining old ones. In this post, I shall touch both as they are of equal importance.

Five important factors:

Recently Constant Contact did a survey and found various factors that go into gaining new customers and retaining old. From those, the most vital ones are websites, ads, blog, email, and surveys. Websites and ads were responsible for major conversions of new customers. Blog, email and survey topped the list when it came to retaining the old ones by increasing interaction and loyalty.

So what is this post going to be about? This post is going to deal with how to use these tools to increase customers and maintain them for highest conversion rate.

Gaining New Customers:

As we had said there are two factors that help in gaining new customers – websites and ads. In this section we are going to discuss as to why and how these are the best.


Websites look professional. Obviously, any professional depiction is enough to gain attraction of new clients. Moreover, websites are SEO optimized to appear within the search engines for specific terms. New clients can be increased if websites were tailored as landing pages.  Conversion rate has been increased with addition of videos above the fold, which is basic law in video marketing.


There are various ad types. Every one of them are equally important when it comes to acquiring new clients. However, the vital point to be noted is that ads, which seem highly pertinent with the site, convert better.

Retaining Old customers:

The basic strategy to retain old customers is increasing of engagement. Here are the three promising ways of increasing engagement.


No doubt, that blogging is important when it comes to engagement. In fact every marketer is well aware of the importance of blogging. The comment section is an important place where engagement takes place. Not only blogging important in retaining old customers but they are also effective in gaining new ones.


A client has purchased a product/service. Now what would be a better way to hit on them as reminder other than email? Emails are well known for their ease in retaining old customers. However when it comes to gaining new clients it becomes vulnerable due to the fact that there are several spammers.

Tip: While sending email newsletters try engaging your customers.


This one tops all the rest when retaining old customers is considered. Its importance is gained owing to the fact that surveys increase engagement to the highest degree. Usually surveys requesting feedback work best. Especially surveys regarding customer service are a win-win as both the client and the company is benefitted.

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