OLX makes life easier

recycle_moneyNowadays, we have got used to doing most of our business by Internet. Looking for a job, renting a car, booking a hotel or even buying some clothes are just an example of the possibilities that Internet offers us. What is more, there are some companies that try to make it easier to get what you want, either buying or selling a product or a service. One of these companies is OLX. This is a free online classifieds site where you can without any effort everything you need.  OLX started in 2006 and at this moment, this is one of the most important companies in this area. This company is present in over 105 countries and translated in 40 languages, so OLX has become one of the most important brand in the world.

If you want to sell something, the procedure is very simple. It consists in uploading a free ad with photos, filling the necessary details about the product or service and your personal information and waiting for the calls. But if what you pretend is to buy something, you just have to look for in the seeker your product or service, click the ad and get in touch with the person who offers the item.

In Asia, and particularly in India,OLX is a referent. [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]India classifieds[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]India classifieds[/tp] have become increasingly popular among people who have a Smartphone or Internet at home. `It’s gratifying to have been able to have built such a loyal base of users and strong brand equity all across India.´ CEO of OLX India, Amarjit Batra, said. Because OLX has also launched an application for Smartphone and Tablets with the aim of making this service easier, if possible.  It is important to mention OLX was the first company in this country that focus on Mobile Classifieds by offering native apps for all operating systems.

Moreover, in June 2011, the company started telecasting some funny and interesting ads to promote their site. The tagline is Where Buyers meet Sellers and you can see more videos in the official YouTube Channel. With these advertisements, the company pretends not only explain what OLX is, but also shows how this web and app works.


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