Stay ahead of the competition online: creating the perfect website

design_paint_tools_colors_paletteThe online marketplace is fierce. It used to be the case that a simple online presence could give one business the edge on another but today an online presence is a necessity for survival. Just because being online doesn’t automatically put a business on top, that doesn’t mean they can’t make the most of their online presence in order to gain an edge.

Here, we take a look at a few tweaks you can make to your home page to ensure customers choose you over your competitor time after time.

Fresh content

Before you’ve even begun to think about a new design for your website, you’ll need to get critical about the content you dress it with. High quality content is all very well but if your visitors have seen it before it’s likely to leave them unimpressed.

Creating fresh content is a great way to pull customers back and maintain your reputation as a lively and happening business. Ongoing content creation is also a great base upon which to build an email marketing campaign.

Responsive and mobile designs

Creating the perfect site design is one thing, but making it compatible with every one of your visitors’ devices is another. People browse the web on all sizes of screens, using different browsers installed on different operating systems and your web design needs to acknowledge this.

Ensuring that you make use of responsive web design or a dedicated mobile site, is a great way to start reaching out to the greatest number of customers. Be sure to test your site on a number of devices and types of software before going live.


The creation of the perfect website is about more than isolated design. The success of a site is also determined by how easy it is for customers to find. You may have the most beautiful website online but if nobody can find it, it won’t be much use. This is why SEO is king.

As part of your initial [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]website design[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]website design[/tp] process and your ongoing content creation you’ll need to consider how what you do affects your visibility to users. Not all of your visitors will be coming to you directly. A large number should be finding you through search engines, with more following links from third party websites.

Making SEO an integral part of the design process will make life easier for you moving forward.


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