Best of the Best Tips To Increase Alexa Traffic Rank of a Website

blog_key_alu_keyboardFrom the Webmasters we get to know that after Google page Rank, the most common and preferred way to judge a website is Alexa Traffic Rank. So in this post you come to know that how you can increase your alexa traffic rank with some cool and easy ways.

In easy terms, Alexa Traffic Rank is a type of ranking which is given to the websites according to their work, popularity and some of the other measures.

To increase the alexa traffic rank first of all you have to know what is Alexa.

Alexa internet Inc also known as Alexa which is a California based partially owned company of, which provides rankings to approx 30 million websites and also provides Web Traffic Data.

So here’s the Intro with Alexa.

Does Alexa really Matters for your Website and how is it measured..???

As I told you earlier, Alexa traffic rank is only just a ranking of your website. Some People thinks that Alexa will increase their blog traffic or helps to improve SEO but it is just rubbish and it doesn’t have anything to your blog or website. Note Alexa just measure the traffic which passes through their systems i.e. Alexa only measures the visitors on which have Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.

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Best of The Best Tips to increase Alexa Traffic Rankings

1. Alexa Toolbar

As I told you earlier, Alexa Traffic Rank of your website will increase if you visitors will be having Alexa Toolbar Installed on their web browsers. So you can also ask your visitors to install Alexa Toolbar on their web browsers.

Install Alexa toolbar from

2. Alexa Widget

Some webmasters thinks that placing a alexa widget on their blog will increase their Alexa traffic rank but I’m not much pretty sure about it but the benefit of this widget is that your visitors comes to know how your website is performing.

3. Claim Your Site

You can claim your website in Alexa by just signing up for a new account and you can also sign up with your facebook account. This will give you a full control of your site.

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4. Consistency

This is the easiest and the fastest way to increase your Alexa Traffic Rank that update your site regularly, If you do so then search engines comes to know that this particular websites updates it content regularly and it builds up your reputation in search engines and this will automatically increase your Alexa traffic rankings.

5. Backlinks

This is the best off-side method to optimize your site and also a cool method to unleash the flood of visitors to your site. Strong backlinks helps you to increase the Alexa traffic ranks easily.

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