Different ways to Charging Your Smartphone:

Mini-Kin-Wind-Powered ChargerPhone are becoming special component of one’s life, some people have become addicted to their phones, and this can be attributed to multiple use of phones that ranges from providing the most current information. This can be through social networks such as Facebook and twitter, but also one can listen and watch news by use of the phone, moreover, phones are installed with gadgets such as GPS and fuel finder that are very important to drivers, not only to make the travel faster and comfortable, but also safe.

Thus, phones are evolving to be part and parcel of people life and when it goes off, one has the reason to look for means available to charge the phone. Some of the ways to charge your phone include;


This equipment is used for cooking as well as charging phone, it is mostly used when in a camp, it is a thermoelectric device that transforms heat energy to electrical energy. This ensures that you utilise the energy from the stove optimally.

This equipment is of great importance when in remote areas where you have no other alternative source of power, in addition, it is portable thus, it can be carried easily.


This is a phone charging device that transforms light energy into electrical energy, in addition, it decorates the room. It has several plates that captures light energy before turning it to electrical energy.

One advantage of electree is that it is environmentally friendly since it does not release toxic material to the atmosphere.

Universal charger:

This is a mobile charging equipment that can be used to charge battery of any kind of a phone. Battery is fixed to the charger, then charger is inserted into the socket and charges for as long as you want. It usually blinks when charging and stops when battery is full.

One advantage is that your phone is secure since you don’t charge your battery in phone, thus, in case of theft, your phone will be secure.

Bike charger:

This device is very useful to people who usually use bikes, it is a dynamo and when installed to the bike, the cycling you make will not only be propelling you but will also charge your phone.

Computer and USB cable:

Computer can be used to charge phones in events such as when your computer has charge while the phone is empty.

It is a convenient way since you can simultaneously transfer your file to computer or phone well still charging your phone.

Mini Kin Wind Powered Charger:

This is a very important phone charging device that is both economical and very convenient. It uses wind power to charge phone.

It has mini-turbines that rotates when exposed to wind, turning kinetic energy to electrical energy.

It is portable and can be used in remote areas where no alternative source of power is available. It is environmentally friendly that can help in alleviating climate change and global warming.

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