How To Build a Website With WordPress

In the past, it used to take several hours and a good amount of tech savvy to create a personal website.  Now, all you need is a copy of WordPress and about 30 minutes to setup a professional looking website.  Let’s take a quick look at how you can setup your own website from scratch.

Step 1 – Setup Url and Hosting


The first step in setting up any website is determining what web host and domain name your want for your site.  You have many choices out there but has a great plan known as their “Baby Plan” that gives you support for unlimited domains as well as unlimited bandwidth and storage space for a low flat monthly fee.

Step 2 – Install WordPress


If you use Hostgator, setting up WordPress for your site is a snap.  Under cPanel go to software services and select quickinstall.  From there you can select WordPress, fill out the required information, and select install now.  It is that simple.  If you go to your url, you will be presented with your default site.

For those that did not use Hostgator, the process is still easy.  You will first need to go to the WordPress official site and download the program, extract it, and then upload it to the root of your host via cPanel.  The root is the default folder you are presented when you upload files to your server.  Once you have uploaded the files, go to your url and you will be prompted to complete the remainder of the installation.  Fill in the required fields to complete the installation.  Once completed, go back to your url and wordpress should be installed.

Step 3 – Installing Themes


The default theme for your site is somewhat bland, so you will want to install a new one.  WordPress themes are the same as old school templates and are used to change the look to WordPress.  First you will need to go to your WordPress dashboard.  If your website name is, you will want to go to in order to access your dashboard.

Login and then move your mouse above appearance and then select themes.  Under this section you can view and search for various WordPress themes.  Once you find one that you like, click the install now button and then the activate button.  Your new theme is installed and a refresh of your webpage will show your new theme.

Step 4 – Start Posting


Your new website is now live and ready to go.  You just need to start adding content.  To make a new post, go to your dashboard and select posts and then add new.  There you will want to enter a title for your post, the text of the post and any features such as tags, etc.  Click publish to make your post live.  Once done, you can refresh your page to see your new post.

The above are the basics you will need to get your site up and running. There are a lot of helpful Youtube tutorials about how to  build a website using WordPress that will guide you through making the site. Also, WordPress has numerous features and options that you will want to explore in your own time.  You can do a Google search for these features or head over to the WordPress official site to learn more.


Guest article written by: Noah Davidson is a member of PressTheWord, a tutorial channel in Youtube. They do tutorials about WordPress, web design to hosting. Feel free to visit their channel here.

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  1. Very nice and helpful post. As many of them use WordPress this article would a great guide to help them.

  2. WordPress really is the best CMS that can be ever created. It is the easiest and the most functional from all that I’ve ever tried. Well, I can praise WordPress and WordPress themes as long as it’s possible. Thanks for another reminder how cool and easy it is..

  3. thanks for these tips! I’m trying to write some guest posts for some blogs but they aren’t getting approved, maybe with these tips I can get an guest post!

  4. terrific tutorials–love it. next time I need to show this to someone I’ll just send them to here.

  5. This tutorial is very simple and easy to follow. I am currently using blogger for my blog. But now I also want to try wordpress so that I can taste both of famous CMS.

  6. Setting up WordPress has become really easy and this is the reason why WordPress calls it ” The famous 5 minute install”. Nearly all leading host offer one click install. Thanks for this post.

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    Pretty good article – setting up hosting and installing WordPress isnt too hard, is it?
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  8. Nice tutorial for creating a wordpress site. WordPress is essentially a highly flexible content management system that can serve as the foundation for a blog or a fully-fledged small business website for online marketing or ecommerce. With a WordPress-built site, we can easily add new pages and blog posts yourself; no knowledge of HTML, CSS or any other mind-numbing acronyms is required.

  9. Really liked the way you explained all the steps to create a wordpress site. WordPress is an amazing and easy framework. Anyone having little knowledge can make sites in wordpress.
    Now I’ll suggest this post to all those who will ask me about wordpress website building procedure! 😀

  10. Thanks for sharing! I used blog around 1.5 years but after changed to WordPress I feel everything changed to positive. Great and awesome tip to getting. The videos simple and easy ways for newbie to kick started.

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