Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders now open!

samsung_galaxy_s4_heroesThe latest Android wonderchild to come out of the Samsung factory is the Galaxy S4, perhaps finally the iPhone killer that the Android fanbase have been urging for?

The predecessor, Galaxy S3, was quite a beast, but what about the S4, will it be able to meet the growing demands that high-end smartphone users have come to expect in recent years?

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in a very similar package to the S3 and has similar weight as well. Chassis is also the same, so yes, it unfortunately will have the “plastic’y” feel to it, but it will also feel solid built and be very slim as well. The touch screen has received an upgrade compared to S3, now with 4.99” and a whopping 441 pixels per inch compared to S3’s 4.8” and 306 pixels density. For comparison, iPhone 5’s Retina display is 4” with 326 pixels per inch.

The rear camera is 13 megapixels and the front camera is 2 megapixel and you can even record dual video, which means you record in two directions at once.

Although the S4 is probably more like an evolution than a revolution, compared to the S3, it’s hard to find anything that S4 doesn’t do better than S3 does, not to mention 4G (LTE) network support.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is out on April 26th on all major networks and it can already be pre-ordered today from Carphone Warehouse in the UK. Actually, if you pre-order Samsung Galaxy S4 at Carphone Warehouse before April 26th and go with the pay monthly, you will get an accessory bundle worth £79.96 on top of your purchase, consisting of an in-car charger, screen protector and Samsung Galaxy S4 case.

Although I’m an iPhone user, I also consider myself a little bit of a tech geek, so I’ll have to admit that this new Galaxy S4 does interest me quite a bit. I think it has the potential to be “king of smartphones”, at least for a little while. What do you think?

You can watch a quick video preview of Samsung Galaxy S4 in the video below:

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9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders now open!”

  1. Man they sure do churn these things out quick these days. The S3 didn’t come out all that long ago right? Anywho, overall I do like Android and I’ll be in the market for a new phone soonish and I love me a big screen so I may have to give this thing a closer look.

  2. This is another promising Android phone. Superb, extreme, and fantastic phone it will be! But I just hope Samsung would create a more durable phone just like Apple.

  3. This is a very good deal! Ultimately agree that this would be the “king of smartphones” for only a LITTLE while.

  4. Good Phone
    I definitely want to have this one but i should be waiting for.
    it’s not yet released in my country

  5. Can you say apple who? I traded in my iPhone for Samsung Galaxy 3 and couldn’t be happier…but I wish I had waited for the Galaxy 4 now.

  6. I guess a lots of people will keep loyal to the Samsung Galaxy S3 until the price of the S4 starts droping,an with no radio on the S4,i think I will be one of the people)))


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